Water Melon Keg - Annie's Thirsty Thursday

OK… There are a lot of steps to this but it is super cute if you can pull it off!

First, you want to level off your watermelon so it stands up straight by cutting a little bit off the bottom.
Then,  you want to scoop out your watermelon like a pumpkin, cut a hole in the top and scoop out all the insides.

Next, we want to tap our watermelon so get your watermelon tapping kit...core it and stick the tap in.
Now your party centerpiece is ready to fill with whatever you want!
Today I chose a watermelon punch that uses the scooped out watermelon!

Fill your watermelon about 1/2 way with puréed watermelon.

  • 1 c fresh line juice
  • 3c vodka
  • Top off with ginger ale.

Mix and enjoy! 

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