5 Piper Lou Items That Will Make Your Day

Do you need some freaking inspiration right now? Do you want to start each day on the right foot?! (Or the left. Your choice). Well, do I've got the perfect Piper Lou items to fill your souls with all the feels! 

1. And Just As She Was About To Break Mug

Imagine waking up every morning. Drinking your cup of joe. Debating on weather you should add vodka to it. And deciding against it because you read the quote on your Piper Lou mug. And it set your soul on fire for the rest of the day. 

2. Badass And Beautiful Tumbler

You really only need two "B" words to get you through the day. No, not bad and boujee, although, those certainly work too. I'm talking about the fact that you are a total badass and beautiful! Make sure your tumbler says it too! 

3. Know Your Worth Then Add Tax Tank

Oh, I felt this in my bones!! Read it again! You can't freaking forget that tax queen! It's essential. 

4. If Cauliflower Can Be Pizza Tank

But seriously this "cauliflower can be anything" trend has me shook! Like girl, if you can eat a freakin pizza made of cauliflower you can for sure be and do anything you damn well please! 

5. Smile Sparkle Shine Wine Cup

Keep it simple. Three words. Just smile, sparkle, shine! 

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