5 Things I learned Camping For The First Time

Well, I'm here. I've made it. And I'm alive to tell the tale. OMG could I be any more dramatic!? 

As many of you know, I was uber nervous for my first camping trip (yes tent, dirt, outhouse, sleeping bags. The whole nine yards.) But I'm thankful and happy to report that I'm officially a woman of nature. Sure, was it buggy.. yeah! Was it hot AF.. yeah! But did I go outside of my comfort zone and become one with nature? ABSOLUTELY! Check out my video blog adventure and continue reading below to read the 5 Things I Learned from my First Camping Experience!

1. Don't Spray Anything On You That Smells Good

I know this may be very standard knowledge for those of you who love the outdoors, but for the rest of us, we have to learn the hard way. If it's not bug spray or sunscreen, don't wear it. I made the mistake of bringing some after sun mist to keep my skin moist and glowy.. but ya girl didn't realize the bugs love that shit! So yeah, just embrace your natural scent and leave the moist skin glow mist for pool days and the beach!

2. You Can NEVER Have Enough Baby Wipes

I pee.. a lot. I have no problem dropping my pants and peeing behind a bush or a tree. So I wasn't that nervous about the bathroom situation while camping. "But, Meghan? What about your number 2 situation?" Well, I'm glad you asked Karen. You see, I wasn't worried about pooping because your girl NEVER poops. I take a probiotic and learn to deal with my (always look pregnant) bloat. But ya'll... I didn't see this coming. I don't know what came over me. It may have been the running brook in the background, or the fact that I knew pooping was less than an ideal option. But I HAD TO POOP! Three times!! So let's just say thank God there was an outhouse and baby wipes. 

3. Forget What TLC Said and Chase The Dang Waterfalls

Just about a 20-minute hike from our campsite was a gorgeous waterfall. It wasn't the biggest waterfall I've ever seen, but it was beautiful, and on a hot day, it was an amazing way to cool off. I felt like Katniss Everdeen in the arena when she discovered water! It was miraculous and refreshing. So I say chase waterfalls and don't stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to. 

4. It's OK To Be Bored

If you reach the point of boredom while camping, then you are doing something right! You should be silent and still and enjoy the sites and sounds of nature. Because we only went for 24 hours and I was anxious about having no cell service, it did take me a while to relax. But that's the point of it all! Unplug, forget the hustle and bustle, and listen to the dang chirps of the birds and the crackle of the fire. Be one with nature. 

5. Bring ALL the Tumblers

I wasn't sure if we brought everything we would need, but I was sure of one thing. I brought every sized tumbler I had. I was thankful for my 30 oz tumbler that kept my water ice cold and was grateful for my coffee mug that kept my coffee hot for hours in the cool morning air. I was even more thankful for my stemless wine tumbler that made my Josh cab taste like an actual piece of heaven. 

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