8 Piper Lou Items For Your Next Girls Trip!

It's been a year! No one has to say that twice. You deserve an epic girls trip filled with laughter, drinking, gossiping, drinking, and bonding, and drinking!

Here are 8 must have Piper Lou items for your next girls trip! 

1. Girls Weekend Stemless Wine

Get that charcuterie board ready and fill up this stemless tumbler with all the wine because girls weekend 2020 has just begun and you can even personalize it! 

2. We Are Best Friends Tumbler

Whether its coffee or Titos in this tumbler, this really is a must have for the girls! 

3. I'll Bring The - Hats

Before every girls getaway there is most likely a list of who's bringing what? Yeah, why not put it on a a hat?!

4. Trouble When We're Together Shirts

It's likely when you and the girls get together ya'll cause some trouble. Why not let the masses know by wearing it! Can't say you didn't warn everyone right?

5. Camping Juice Tumbler

It's certainly not bug juice in your tumbler..(insert Disney's Bug Juice theme song here.) Camping juice, whatever it may be, is necessary for a girls trip in the woods! 

6. RingMaster of the Shit Show Tumbler

If you happen to be the one heading up this girls weekend. This needs to be your special tumbler because being the RingMaster of the Show Show isn't easy people! 

7. Life is Better with My Girls Tumbler

Easy and simple. What would we do without our best girlfriends? I'm honestly not sure. This is the perfect tumbler to bring on your next trip or even surprise your girls with! 

8. Visors

We still have plenty of warm weather left so if you plan on going somewhere hot, adorable matching visors are the way to go! 

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