Cinnamon Toast Drink Recipe

We have all tried the delicious childhood cereal, cinnamon toast crunch, but imagine that in an adult drink form... Dangerous right... or should i say scary?👀😂We have that drink for YOU to try at home with only 2 simple ingredients that I'm pretty positive you might have hidden in your liquor cabinet. 


3/4 Fireball Whiskey 

The first ingredient on our LONG list LOL We've all experienced this cinnamon whiskey at some point in our lives... mostly bad BUT trust me on this one! This fireball whiskey will give your cinnamon toast drink a Big Red gum kind of taste to the drink! Even though we have all had our times with this kind of whiskey, this ingredient is sure to help spice things up a bit!



3/4 RumChata Liqueur

The second and last ingredient on our list is Rumchata! This gives your drink the creamy taste that ties the whole drink all together and will hopefully drown out all the memories of the fireball taste LOL This liqueur calms down the super firery taste that fireball has alone. Without this ingredient this drink would not be drinkable... or would it? Up to you I guess! 



    1. Combine ingredients in a shaker over ice and shake until cold

    2. Strain into a shot glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar mixture.

Now you have a created a nice a drink thats a nice blast from the past😂This tasty recipe can be used for a nice shot, or over ice as a delicious dessert cocktail! 


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