Fan of the Week - September 28

Here are your fans of the week for the week of September 28!

1. Kymberlee Selzler

We seriously love this kind of creativity! 

1. I live in South Dakota but usually I can be found in the state of chaos.

2. I actually got my first Piper cup 3 years ago but have only been considered a Piper Lou Who for about 2 months!

3. Community. A shit ton of fun and a helluva lot of caring!

4. Funniest thing? Can we go day by day? From putting my coffee creamer in the microwave or opening the fridge every time my microwave goes off to attempting a pole dance on a bus this last weekend or any road trip that involves Emily and myself.

5. They would describe me as honest, funny, and caring but they will all tell you how fast I am to anger if you mess with any of my loved ones.

6. “Shine on you bat shit crazy diamond” not only did the astrological post say I should get it but it fits me to a T.

7. Dream vacation is a tropical cruise. Never been on one and have been wanting to forever.

8. Coffee or beer depending on the time of day or where I am at.

9. Spinach and artichoke dip would probably be my favorite.

10. My daughter, Kiri who is 7, and my son, Corban who is 5, who drive me completely crazy and are amazing. My friend Kori for adding me to this wonderful group. My bestie Emily, who is there for damn near everything and half of my Piper cups match ones she has. Last but not least my amazing boyfriend Brad. He is encouraging and actually wants to get matching Piper cups with me. I am trying to convince him to be in the next round of Piper Lou dudes.

2. Jodi Leah Smoot

This story had me giggling all day! What a funny and cute story! 

1- Alabama
2. How long have you been a PLW- 3 months
3- Favorite part of being a PLW? VIP group, Lives and awesome selection!
4- Probably the story that got us here... Gabrielle taking the "Just a girl with sass working on that ass" water bottle to kindergarten
5- How would your friends describe you? outgoing and happy
6- Favorite tumbler? are you drunk? Bitch I might be
7-Dream vacation? Disney cruise with Gabrielle
8- Fav drink to drink in your tumbler? Salted caramel vodka with cream soda
9- Fav appetizer - wonton chicken tacos
10- Who would you like to thank? GABRIELLE! She's the winner here! Her amazing personality and sassiness never fails!

3. Angi Lidberg

Anyone who names their dog Whiskey Shooter deserves to be FOTW LOL. 


1. I live in Texas y’all, but I’ll always be a Missouri girl at heart.
2. I have been a LouWho for just over two years.
3. I love our community and bond we have formed just being sarcastic sassy us! We can also be sensitive when one of our other LouWho are needing us!
4.I’m a nut, too many to chose from we’d be here all day
5. LOUD with a heart of gold
6. My go to right now is What the fucculent....LOVE IT!!
7. Getting lost on a beach somewhere with endless peach crown!
8. Talking about peach favorite is peach crown and chick-fil-a lemonade!
9. Who ain’t love a chicken wing!
10. ALL MY LOUWHO, stay sassy bitches!!!

4. Courtney Clark 

Relatable and hilarious! Enough said. 

1. Florida

2. How long have you been a PLW? 1 1/2 years

3. I love being apart of such an amazing group & the support we have for each other.

4. Funny story? My blonde moments need I say more?

5. How would your friends describe you? Fun, beautiful, outgoing understanding, personable

6. Fav tumblers? Sissy Poo, Today is not the day and I am not the one

7. Dream vacation? Anywhere where there's a beach because the ocean is calming to me.

8. Fav drink to drink in your tumbler? Crown Peach & arnold palmer or Crown Peach & lemonade

9. Fav appetizer? Loaded fries & nachos

5. Tami Sandlin

LOL I'm sure all home schooling parents felt this in their soul! 

1. Where are you from? Ohio
1) I live in Florida, the no snow state.
2) I have been a Piper Lou Who since April of this year, I believe. One good thing from this year!
3) Fave part of being a PL Who is the camaraderie of everyone, and how we stick up for one another, support each other, and make each other laugh in this Shitshow of a year.
4) One funny thing that's happened to me- I work at a craft store. Right after we first opened, near Christmas, and older lady came in and asked where the candy making supplies were. I showed her where they were, and she said "Well, that's not REAL chocolate, is it?" I told her no it wasn't. She said, "Well. I only use a special chocolate from Tennessee. And I make chocolate covered strawberries and cherries for Christmas. But FIRST, I soak the cherries in Brandy, and I soak the strawberries in moonshine." I said "Can I be on your Christmas list?"
5) Not sure how my friends would describe me.
6) TOO many quotes to choose from. I have a list I want. But I love the custom ones I had made for Christmas that say "I can go from Southern Belle to Redneck Crazy faster than you can say Bless your heart"
7) Dream vacation would be whale watching. I want to see a whale shark in the ocean.
8 ) Fave drink margaritas.
9) appetizer- Blooming onions or chips and white queso
10) I'd like to give a about out to all of the awesome people who liked my post- over 1600!!! And everyone who commented with all of the other ways that drink making could be used as home schooling lessons.  Piper Lou Whos ROCK!!

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