Fans of the Week! 2/15/21

Meet your fans of the week for 2/15/21!

1. Amy Haines


1. Texas
2. Less than a year
3.Everything! What’s not to LOVE!
4. Being from Texas , living on a beach, & busting my ass over some ice...and not because of a spilled drink! There’s ice everywhere!
5. Oh good lord, how much time do you have, pull up a chair
6. Out of the ones I have, it’s a tie, the newest one, “and yet you’re still talking to me” “anything is possible” & “you are enough”
7. A cruise to Alaska or cruising around Europe, Italy
8. Tea or a mommy drink
9. Guacamole & queso
10. Thank you to all at piper lou & to all The Who’s...without y’all my life wouldn’t be complete!

2. Debbie Qua

1. NY

2. Since about Jan 2020

3. "Meeting " some pretty nice people. Good interaction

5. Quiet, dependable, reserved

6. Anti-social butterfly and Shh no one cares

7. Back to Mexico with friends (or any beach for that matter.

8. Coffee or twisted tea.

 Thank you Annie for always managing to get a laugh out of me. And for coffee (espresso) cuz grandsons make mornings harder too 

3. Erin Erway

1. California

2. Over a year...way before COVID came in like a shit storm

3. YOU

4. One of my hobbies is making awkward situations as uncomfortable/hysterical as possible. Here’s an example:

My OBGYN is a dude, super cool and nice, like the kind of guy that can rock a handle bar mustache (unlike most people). Anyway, at my last annual appointment I thought I’d put my skills to work!

Him: uncover one breast.

Me: BAM! (As I pull the gown to the side).

Him: Perfect. Go ahead and cover...

Me: Thank you! (winked at him)

Him: (trying not to laugh) Cover that one and uncover the other one.

Me: Heyyyy (as I slowly uncover it).

Him: It looks perfect. Do you...

Me: Omigosh Thank you!!!!

Him: (chuckling a bit) Do you have any concerns or questions about your breasts?

Me: Do you have any suggestions on how I can get them back up here where they used to be?

Him: I’m not a plastic surgeon. Go ahead and lay back. Slide your bottom all the way down to the edge. Great. Okay I’m putting the speculum in and...everything looks great.

Me: You are such an encourager! Thank you for all of the compliments! Can I just like come every morning?

(At this point the nurse has tears coming out of her eyes and turns around because she has lost her composure.)

The doctor is straight up laughing.

Him: I’m going to step out so you can get dressed.

Me: Wait! Are you serious right now? You were just looking at my boobs and staring into my vagina. Now you’re leaving because I’m getting dressed??!! What. Ever. (I roll my eyes at him).

The nurse is now full on laughing, as is the doctor, so I say with a straight face “I love you” and blow him a kiss.

5. Fun, funny, trustworthy keeper of all secrets

6. We go together like alcohol and bad decisions (I gave this tumbler to my psychologist)

7. Anywhere near the ocean

8. All the booze!

9. Dessert because it really stresses the Karens out.

10. Oh I don’t know...maybe to some of the others personalities inhabiting my brain?

4. Rena Pearl

1. What state do you reside? Kentucky

2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who? Since February (ish?) of last all started wit “Ew David”

3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who?

Annie and Meghan are adorable and an absolute blast! The “Who Nation” is such a fun and diverse group of people 

4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story)

Too many to narrow it down, but I’m the first person to laugh at myself 

5. How would your friends describe you?

Silly, fun, everyone’s “mom”

6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time?

“Ew David” started it, but some of my other faves are “Follow your Arrow” and “Motherhood is a Walk in the Park” with the Jurassic Park logo behind it 

7. What’s your dream vacation? Somewhere WARM!

8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler

I know it’s lame, but they usually have water in them lol

9. Favorite appetizer

Buffalo wings!

10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award?

Annie, Meghan, The Who’s that liked my post, and my 9 year old photographer

5. Cresta Es


2- a couple of years


5-a sarcastic asshole


8-Malibu and pineapple or vodka and lemonade..or water

9-fried pickles

10-Annie for making you look bad 


He did love the brownies though.




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