Fans of the Week - December 21

Meet our fans of the week for December 21!

1. Haley Loving

1) Virginia 2) I joined the madness in January 2020, I think. This year is a blur! 3) I, of course, love the snarky tumblers, shirts, and hats, but more than that, I love the community that has been built in the VIP group. Annie and Meghan feel like friends and the Who's always seem to post the right thing to make me laugh or cry at the right time. 6) 'I can't adult today' and 'not slim, kinda shady,' 8)crown royal and dr pepper or coffee with peppermint mocha creamer 10) I'd like to thank my middle son, Brennan, for busting into the VIP Happy Hour the other week where he hit on Annie and Meghan. He gets so excited whenever either of them go live. He's always been a little lady's man. (I'll add a pic of him when he was 4, he saw a kid dressed as Santa at our local Chick-fil'a and refused to take a picture with him, unless the elf girl was in it with him. 😎 (FYI- My oldest son is 15 and in the picture we took outside. He's too cool to do crafts now, which is why he didn't have a gingerbread house.)

2. Kayla Mari Stovall 

I have been a piper lou who for a year 3. All the positive people in the group! 6. Not my circus not my monkeys 8. Peach crown and sweet tea, however I've been on a wine kick a lot lately so roscato in my wine tumbler wings 10. Huge shout out to my mom she is the one who started me on PL ,and I'm so glad she did!

3. Maegan Kelish

I live in Virginia. My neighbour’s and I are pretty close. Last year we took turns watching each other’s homes while the other was on vacation. Families came back to tiny black spiders all over the house, googly eyes on everything in the fridge, a pink flamingo army in the front yard, and I somehow ended up with Beta fish I didn’t have when I left. Beta fish that I’m still taking care of so I guess they won. I found Piper Lou when I was looking for personalized mugs in September for a birthday gift for who else my neighbour. We like to drink our wine out of them while the kids run around like the crazies they are. Wine glasses are great until you realize how amazing having a handle is! Umm yeah so that is pretty much me in a nut shell.


4. Deanna Edde

1. Alabama 2. Only a few months 🥲, but so glad I found u guys!
3. I never win anything!! And now I feel so special! 4. I am an optical tech, so there many stories!! 5. The daredevil, the drunkard, the one most likely to take a dare! 6. Coffee days... whiskey nights 7. Italy 8. Crown salted Carmel and cranberry juice 9. Anything with cheese!!! 10. I would love to Thank my family for putting up with my shenanigans...all year long!


5. Lynney Rae

1. I live in Wisconsin! (GO PACK GO 💚🏈💛) 2. A little over a year and I’m glad I found the company!! 3. The lives you and Annie do!! You both are hilarious!! 4. I’m drawing a blank on #4! 🤦‍♀️ 5. Kind, caring, compassionate. Would do anything for anyone. 6. I like the “My Story Isn’t Over” “She believed she could, so she did.” “Life is tough my Darling, but so are you.” 7. 🤷‍♀️ 8. Water or my sparkling tea. 9. Tortilla roll ups. 10. Thanks to you guys for choosing my “story”. I was amazed at all the wonderful comments and likes. My Dad really is my hero.

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