Fans of the Week! - November 16th

Meet this weeks fans of the week!

1. Kelsea Carr

1. Where are you from? Missouri
2. Favorite tumblers? I don’t give a flock or I don’t give a ravencrap
3. Dream vacation would be the Bahamas
4. Favorite appetizer is spinach artichoke dip

2. Angela Yvonne Grayson

1. What state do you reside? MD
2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who? probably about a year!
3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who? I enjoy the lives, the funny memes on the page, the adorable colors of he tumblers and the drink recipes.
5. How would your friends describe you? Silly and always willing to give.
6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? Men are like wine, some go down better than others! (or something like that)
7. What’s your dream vacation? Hawaii (I just had a girls weekend in VA and that's one of the questions I asked and we talked about!)
8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler?
30oz-water only!
20oz- Crown Royal Apple and Sprite
27oz- Pilsners Rum and Coke
Wine tumblers-wine of course!
9. Favorite appetizer-chicken quesadilla
10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award? I'd like to thank God first and foremost and all of the other PLW who make the group fun and engaging.

3. Kimberly McKanna

 1. Oklahoma! I hope you sang along!
2. Been a PLW for about 4 glorious months!
3. I love the support and laughs you get from the others in the group. They've helped me smile through alot of shitty times.
4. We were driving to a friend's house around Easter and my son asked me what Good Friday was all about. So I was telling him and he proceeds to say " oh I thought we called it Good Friday because momma woke up in a good mood and wasn't grumpy!"! He's 7 and a bit of a smart-ass!
5. My friends would say I'm very funny, sarcastic but with a very large heart. They know I will do whatever I can and drop whatever I'm doing to help them.
6. I lick the salt, suck the lime and swallow the tequila! Just ask my hubby!
7. Dream vacation would be going to Greece and Italy.
8. 90% of the time its coffee in one and water in the other but I love putting my Truly lemonade in them or peach vodka with unsweetened tea!
9. Guac! Fresh guac from a local restaurant that makes it fresh right in front of you!
10. tears I would first like to thank my momma, Dorothy Girard for everything you've done to help me become the woman I am today. Thank you to Annie and Meghan for always believing in me! My hubby, thank you for not snooping in the boxes I get every week! Thank you to my fellow PLWs for having my back in every situation I've ever posted and lastly, the Green Bay Packers. I know this season has been tough but YOU GOT THIS!

4. Penni Hill

1. Kansas girl 2. Only been a PLW A few months 3. Fav part of being a PLW is all the great support to anyone!! 5. Friends would describe me as social director 6. My fav tumbler says The Sun The Sand and a drink in my hand 7. Any beach vacation is my dream I also love shelling 8. Fav drink Malibu & Diet Coke

5. Dana Sands

1)Born and Raised in Connecticut

2)I've been a fan for 2yr or more.

3)The family/friendship aspect! Had a bad day the group is there! Had a good day boom there they are!

4)OH boy.. Lol Probably the time I was walking through our Police Department (Im an Animal Control Officer) in my uniform and felt something on my leg in front of a bunch of guy Police Officers I pull my my pant leg up and a bright blue thong falls out onto the floor I picked it up said at least its clean and put it in my pocket.

5)Sweet, kind, silly, caring BUT don't make her mad..

6)As someone who works with and LOVES animals
"Hold my drink I gotta pet that dog"

7) Ireland  

8 ) 20oz Coffee 30oz Captain and Ginger

9) Nachos!!!

10) Shout Out to all the Piper Lou WHOS!!!!
And Thank you to my Fiance for never saying those dreaded words "no more tumblers"

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