1st Official Piper Lou Fans of the Week - July 13th

We are SO excited to announce the first ever Piper Lou FANS OF THE WEEK! Congratulations to the winners. We are so appreciative of every single customer and fan we have. These 5 fans displayed a little something "extra" this week to stand out. We'll go over each of the winners....

What do you win? 

- EXCLUSIVE Piper Lou Fan of the Week TUMBLER to commemorate this amazing feat you have accomplished. 

- Featured Picture on the Home Page Banner for 7 Days

- Exclusive Invite to Meghan's "After Annie" Show at 9 PM EST. You'll be invited to pop on and chat with Meghan about your favorite tumbler that Annie just revealed as well as some fun questions to answer so everyone can get to know you better. Of course if you're camera shy, this is optional. If you don't want to get on, you'll still be celebrated in this blog. 

- Announced/Shouted Out on Annie's Monday night live in front of millions of people! (alright...maybe not millions)

Meet your 1st set of winners below.... 

Emily Clare Aiken (Columbus, Ohio)

We picked Emily, not only because her photo is beautiful AF and her nails match her wine tumbler to perfection, but she has a gorgeous personality that goes along with the photo as well! 


1. I live in Ohio.
2. I've been apart of the group since March and I ordered my first cups in May.
3. I love how this group has twisted dirty humor like me! I often tell my husband that these are my people!
4. How would your friends describe you? -Probably as a crazy bitch... but they still love me  
5. Dream vacation? - One day I'd absolutely love to go to Ireland.
6. Favorite drink!? - Anything alcohol related (except beer)

Tiffany Farmer (Iowa)

We picked Tiffany this week because she went from girlfriend to fiancé! Get it girl! We are so happy for Tiffany and her future hubby we had to make her a fan of the week! 

1. I reside in Iowa
2. I've been a PLW since April 2020
3. I feel as though being a PLW there is a sense of "family" so to speak. Seeing total strangers give advice, share laughter and fun.
5. How would your friends describe you? -Outgoing, spontaneous, loyal, hilarious, caring
7. My dream vaca is to go to Australia and visit my sister, brother in law and nephew. It's a trip of a lifetime with so many sites to see and believe it or not a different culture.
8. Currently my favorite beverage is ice water or peach tea.
10. I just want to thank my fiancé for supporting my newfound addiction with Piper Lou.. And a thanks to all the PLW who have given likes, comments and laughter.

David Gray (Boardman, Oregon)

We picked David because, let's face it, David has a Piper Lou Who soul! He has been a member of the group since March and we love his good mornings posts! He is also an active member of our Piper Lou Fitness Group.

1. Northeast Oregon
2. Been a Piper Lou Who since 09 March 2020
3. Friends would describe me as -The fun, support, and laughs
4. I skipped school one day as a senior, drove to the Oregon Coast, then on the way home stopped to get my mom a flower... she turned me into the principal.
6. Favorite Tumbler Quote - too many to list
7. Dream vacation spot? Staying home as I have literally been all over the globe in the service of our nation
8. Favorite drink to drink from your tumbler- Coffee and water (and the occasional beer from a local brewery)
9. Favorite appetizer? no favorites I love most food

Cheryl Kelly Rummell 

Cheryl gets an A+ for her creativity on this photo! This is why she is one of our fans of the week! 

1. I live in Pennsylvania
2. I think I’ve been a Piper Lou Who for a year
3. Favorite part is seeing all the great tumblers out there that people have custom made andthen so many others love it too. I’ve bought several tumblers that way, seeing someone else’s. I also love reading everyone’s story!
4. Do you have a funny story to share? - Not a funny story, but an exciting one at the time. My husband signed me up for a chance to shoot the puck for a car, at a Pittsburgh Penguins game. Of course my name got pulled, and I could of killed him, because I never shot a puck before. Well he had me practicing in the garage for a couple weeks, and I was so nervous that I was gonna get booed by all the fans there, but thank goodness, I shot it and it made it the whole way down and was actually near the little hole you were supposed to get it in. Didn’t win the car, but will remember it always.
5. How would your friends describe you? - My friends would say, I’m a caring and compassionate person, who’s a little bit sarcastic, and likes to have fun.
6. Favorite tumbler, now this is a hard one, cause I love so many, but I guess it would be a tie, with, Admit it, life would be pretty boring without me! And the one I got for my friend and I which says, No one will be as entertained by us, as us! That is so true for us!
7. Dream vacation would be Hawaii! Do we win a dream vacation, lol?
8. Favorite drink is either a plum martini or a choc mint martini.
9. Favorite Appetizer  - Spinach and artichoke dip is my favorite appetizer
10. Shout out to Barbara Conroy, who, like me is becoming a Piper Lou addict! And thank you to Annie for picking me!

Kristie Pierce (New Market, Alabama)

Kristie is everyones spirit animal in this photo. Not only is she having an amazing time with her bestie Terri, but they are decked out in Piper Lou gear with tumblers in hand looking like gorgeous queens! 



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