Welcome to Piper Lou University

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your acceptance into Piper Lou University. Thought you were done with your studies? Well you are! But you're never done having fun and that's what we are all about here at P.L.U. Check out our welcome video here:

Along with your acceptance into this "Ivy League" cluster-fuck, we have some great items you may want to consider while working hard towards your degree!

You may not be an ACTUAL doctor but we've all watched enough Grey's Anatomy and General Hospital in our lifetime to be a doctor of drinking. Amirite?

You may also want to consider your Masters in Margaritas and customize it with your name or a friend who can make some bomb ass margaritas. Or better yet, can suck em down like no ones business!

Or maybe you just want to be noticed for your hard working adulting that goes on each and every day... because honestly that shit is HARD! 

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN and welcome to the shit show! 

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