What’s it Worth To You? - Annie McFarland

You know those moments when you let your mind wander and it ends up in the weirdest places? Well, this whole blog will be about the random thoughts that scrolled through my mind this morning.

Welcome to the inside of my brain.  I really want to explain how we got here before we end up at my final thought.

I was in the shower this morning and I noticed that my plant that is in the shower window wasn’t looking so good, which rolled into how cold it was outside and I should check on my outdoor plants, which made me think of the last time I bought plants at Lowes and I spent way too much money which made me think of money in general and what I would be willing to do for money. 


I know for sure that a ton of us have the exact same wandering mind, where we begin on one topic and end up so far away but once you break down the pieces, it all actually makes sense. I figured it would be a fun blog to find out how far all of you are willing to go for some cold, hard cash! I wish we could actually put some of these to the real test but we will have to make do with the idea of each. 


So. . . What would you be willing to do for money? And how much money are we talking? Let’s start with the age-old question brought to us by Robert Redford. . . from Indecent Proposal. . . would you sleep with stranger for 1mil but it means cheating on your hubs/SO? I don’t share well. . .when I am with someone. . . that’s it for me. . I am with them. I would have to pass, even on a cool MILLION dollars! Eek. . that hurts to say and I am so glad we are just talking fake money!
Next up, would you eat a can full of worms for $100,000?  Disgusting, yes, but I’m pretty certain I have done worse, while drunk for no money! I would not love it, I would probably throw up after doing it and I would definitely have nightmares for the rest of my life but I would be sleeping easier on my brand new Egyptian cotton sheets that I pick up as a little treat for myself with all that extra cash! 


Let’s move on to an easier one, would you sing the national anthem in a full stadium for $5,000? I say this is an easier challenge because I would do this in a heartbeat. . .probably for free. . .even though I am a terrible singer! I feel that there would have to be an announcement prior to the singing giving the audience an opportunity to leave or put in some earplugs. Finally, if your significant others mother approached you with $500,000 to walk away from your SO, would you pack your bags? I mean, if all scenario’s aligned, you could be walking away with $1.5 mil because you have the indecent proposal followed by leaving him because of mom? This game could really be a cash cow for you if you don’t really dig your SO!  I guess for me, the only SO I really have is DC and we have only known each other for a few weeks. If his mom approached me today, it might have to be a solid yes to walk away. I mean. . . right? We just met! Perhaps, I would be offended by her trying to shove me out of his life as I drive to the bank to deposit my check but I would be half a mil richer so I think that and some cute new shoes might soften the blow.

But, if DC and I get to the “l word” stage, that point where he has my heart and I am fully into a relationship with him, then I would have to say no to mom’s cash advance. So. . .if DC’s mom is reading this and if you have had any temptation to bump me from his life, you better hurry up with the offer! 

Now it’s your turn. . . just how far are you willing to go? 

 - Annie


*DC’s mom. . . I’m totally kidding. . . unless you really want to. . . then you should give me a call!


  • Lynn

    I would totally eat the can of worms without a problem. I’d close my eyes and pretend it’s spaghetti . Wash it down with a good Pinot Noir and it would be fine. And it depends on if/why I need the money as to What I would be willing to do. and let’s be honest if I could have slept with Robert Redford 20 years ago I would have for $0. It might not be so much fun at this point in his life..he is 84/85ish…just saying!! Damn there’s that rambling!!

  • Pammie

    I’d totally do the indecent proposal since I’m pretty much just a piece of @$$ to SO. So why not get something potentially decent (well decent money). 🤷🏼‍♀️ The worms I’d have to pass on. 🤮 The singing, yup I could do that! 🎤 And if only his mother would’ve offered the money long ago…she’s worked so hard at sabotaging our relationship anyway! So…I’m in for $1.5 mil…….100%!! 💵 💵 💵

  • Carol Wallingford

    A hard NO to the worms! And it would have to be more than $5,000 for me to sing the National Anthem in public! But… I would take the $500,000 from the mother of my SO. #sorrynotsorry

  • heidi-lyn morse

    I wouldn’t cheat on my husband for a million, and I’m getting a divorce. I wouldn’t take $500,000 either, I’d do the other two. When it comes to love and hurting someone, I draw the line there. I’ve never been one to just have a one night stand, in fact, I’ve never had a one night stand, and I’m 57! That’s not me, I can’t do it. I tried one time, and didn’t go through with it, just left him laying there in bed. lol If I was even going to entertain doing something like that, it would have to be a whole lot more than a million. That’s just not enough money to make up for me selling my soul. So I guess I’d be walking away with 105,000 and a clear conscience. I can live with that. Who knows? Maybe worms taste good with hot sauce?

  • Kristin Larsen

    I don’t think that anybody really quite understands how desperate one can feel when they live in a camper in the middle of nowhere, so I can honestly tell you that I would do just about anything for $1 million. I’d glue someone’s ball hair to my face and pretend I had a beard and stand at the corner with a Will work for food sign. I wouldn’t be proud of it, however I would be way more comfortable in my life if I was in a newer camper and not driving an old crappy Ford. So yeah, don’t dare me. Pay me 😂

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