Workout Wednesday: April 22nd

 Hi Guys! Welcome to our first ever workout Wednesday! If you are like Annie and haven't worked out in forever but are wanting to get back into the groove of things... here is your chance to start! Every week Annie and her personal trainer aka best friend will give us some workouts to try at home with/without equipment! The have modified the workouts at home for us to use simple things around the house like a bag of rice or a bottle of vodka BUT you cannot drink it during the workout.. only before and after 😂Lastly if you are wanting to get more motivated or need people there to push you, you should join our VIP Fitness Page on Facebook, you even get deals on many fitness items! 

So let's get started with our first workout Wednesday !

1. The Bridge

Super simple but you can feel the burn! Lay on your back with legs shoulder width apart and begin to slowly lower and raise the hips. To make it more difficult, add some weight to sit on your abs while you continue the bridge! You may add your resistant bands if you would like as well, slightly above the knee. 

#2 Ab Ductor aka The Hot Guy

Make sure you are back in "The Bridge" position. You will slowly begin to open and close your legs repeatedly. They recommend using the resistance bands for this one to add more of the burn to it. Can you see why this one is nicknamed "The Hot Guy"??

#3 Single Leg Lift

Come back up to the bridge again, and lift up one of your legs while your foot is flexed, make sure both knees are bent. Then you dip your hips down repeatedly for 10 reps then switch to the other leg and do 10 reps.

#4 The Clam

For this one make sure you lay on your side and rest your head on your other arm! This one is super simple, all you do is open up the knees like a clam but make sure your feet are together and don't touch your knees. Do about 10 reps on each side... You may add a resistance band or add a weight to the outer thigh.

#5 The Hydrant aka The Dirty Annie

First get down on all fours 😉lol then you are going to stay squared and lift your leg up outwards (like a dog peeing on fire hydrant) Make sure to not rotate your hips too much, so if that means not lifting your legs as high that is okay! 

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