7 Must Have Piper Lou Pool Items

The pool is open and ready to welcome your sexy summer self with open arms! Of course, before you head to the pool you always grab your sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, and maybe a book... but there seems to be something missing that you just can't put your finger on. Well, have no fear my Piper Lou Who's because we are here to save the pool day with these must-have Piper Lou pool items.

1. Life is Better in Flip Flops Tumbler

It's summer, and I'm in massive need of a pedicure because from June-August, these feet are always in flip flops. This is the perfect tumbler to drink your cold, bubbly, White Claw in as you take in that Vitamin D. 

2. Great Boobs Tank

No better time or place to flaunt your tata's ladies. Tits up for this one! 

3. Sunshine & Beer Trucker Hat

While you're working on that golden bronzed tan laying poolside don't forget to give yourself some shade, but in style, while you rock this dope trucker hat! 

4. Life is Better in Flip Flops Beverage Holder

Want to bring your Corona or Budweiser beer to the pool, but don't want it to break? We've got you covered with our awesome beverage holders. Keeps drinks cool for hours and fits all your glass bottle and beer can needs. 

5. You Can't Sit with Us Tank

Being poolside with wet hair always makes me want to grow fins and be a beautiful fucking mermaid... YOU TOO!? Well, if you happen to be chilling at the pool on a Wednesday in honor of Mean Girls, make sure you sport this pink tank over your rocking bikini so the other mermaids know they can't sit with you unless they are in your crew. 

6. Pool Hair Don't Care

Let's be real; we are too worried about working on our stellar tans and could honestly care less about what our hair looks like. Let them know it, queen, by rocking this hat!

7. Life is Better at the Pool Tumbler

And finish it off with a tumbler that just says it all. Life is simply better by the dang pool!  

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  • Deene Hunt

    Love your products. Great fun. Sayings fit everyone that you know and they need to own something.

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