9 Perfect Summer Birthday Gift Ideas

Is it me or does EVERYONE you know have a summer birthday? Ok I'm being dramatic, but chances are, you have a bestie, a family member, or heck even YOU were born between Gemini and Leo.
So what do you get these incredibly important people in your life to show them how much they mean to you? Piper Lou of course! Today, we got your birthday gifting back, with these 9 Piper Lou Items that make the perfect summer birthday gift!

1. We Are Best Friends Because Everyone Else Sucks 

If someone isn't your bestie, chances are they suck? Amirite? Ok, maybe that's extreme. But no one gets you quite like your best friend!

2. You Are The Thelma To My Louise

Even if you didn't grow up watching the show, Thelma and Louise are ICONIC biffles! Which is why this is a perfect tumbler for your bff on their birthday! 

3. Sister Squad

Nothing says sisterly love more than a beautifully insulated 30oz tumbler that says sister quad. You and your sister have each others backs and so does this beverage holder! Happy bday sis! 

4. Drinkerbell

A hat is the PERFECT summer gift! It keeps your face shaded all while hiding the crazy hair created by humidity and beach life. If you have a friend or family member OBSESSED with Disney and drinking! Bibbity, Bobbity, Boom! - perfect bday gift. 

5. It's My Birthday Bitches

It's the queens bday and you want the world to know it! Make her walk around in this shirt all day so she can get all the attention she deserves! 

6. Birthday Babe

Do you have one of those friends who celebrates their birthday ALL MONTH LONG? Yeah I thought so. We all have one of those in our lives. Let's make their birthday month by gifting them their official birthday month tumbler. 

7. World's Most Difficult Father To Shop For

If you're like me, you NEVER know what to get your dad for fathers day, holidays, never mind his birthday! He already has all the grilling things, tools, and t-shirts. Well, look no further than Piper Lou! That's right friends. We have father approved tumblers! Why not just get him a tumbler that literally says "you're difficult to shop for" but I still love ya!

8. We'll Be Friends Until 

Does your bestie love wine... yes? Does she like your humor... yes? This stemless wine cup is perfect! Give her the gift of wine and let her know that you'll still be her best friend when you're old and gray. 

9. Get Personal!

If you and you're loved one have an inside joke or a funny nickname for each other, we can accommodate that too! Give the gift of a personalized tumbler or wine cup. Best bday gift ever! 

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