Beauty Lovers

We all have that one fabulous friend that is obsessed with some sort of beauty products whether it be makeup, skin care, or hair!
GIRL.. You may be like makeup is not my thing but that's okay because makeup is not for everyone! Maybe it is tho, or maybe you know someone that just can't seem to get enough of all the new trending makeup products. 
Whether you are the beauty lover or your friend, Piper Lou has created a list of our top loved items from our beauty collection!

Be Fierce Laser Etched Tumbler

 All I Need Is Makeup Wine Laser Etched Tumbler

All I Need is Makeup Vodka Laser Etched Tumbler

Put On Some Lipstick And Hustle Laser Etched Tumbler

Better Late Than Ugly Stemless Wine Cup

Wake Up Makeup Be Flawless Laser Etched Tumbler

Bat Those Lashes Shirt

All I Need is Make-Up & Whiskey Stemless Wine Cup

Makeup Love Laser Etched Tumbler

All I Need is Wine & Mascara Stemless Wine Cup

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