Bucket O Booze

I just have to say… Annie fucking nailed it! (Drink)

I really am becoming quite the mixologist! Here's how to make this amazing Thirsty Thursday drink; The Bucket O Booze!

  • Two shots of Malibu
  • Two shots of vodka
  • One cup of orange juice
  • One cup of pineapple juice
  • One cup of lemonade
  • One cup of sprite
  • Some cherries and cherry juice… Your choice!
  • One bottle of Smirnoff ice

Fill up your kids beach bucket with all of the above ingredients and some ice and drink away! It is so delicious and you are for sure going to be wasted by the time you get to the end!


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  • Tammie Clark

    Oh Hell Yeah,
    Here we come Friday and Saturday night Kareoka with the Girls,
    Start out sounding like
    Beyonce And end up Sounding like Cher with a swollen Younger and a severe sore throat.😵. Lol.

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