Fans of the Week! - 1/11/21

Meet your Fans of the Week!

1. Kristin Larsen

1. I’m currently in Florida 2. Few years 3. The merchandise is incredible but the people are some of the most kind, funny, and understanding people I’ve ever engaged to us❤️ 4. I had issues with my camper the other day and the maintenance man in the RV park that I’m currently in, was nice enough to come in and take a look at my fuse panel for me. At the corner of my eye I realized that my “lady private time toys”were left out on my bed from the night before. And I saw him look at them. I looked. We had a moment where it was awkward and inappropriate and I just looked at him and said “I apologize, I wasn’t expecting company LOL “ his face turned red and he said it happens all the time LMAO 5. Out going, funny, inappropriate, blunt, loyal 6. Oh Look At Little Miss I’m never drinking again, drinking again lol 7. Key West with a guy with a big schvontz and fat wallet 8. Tito’s and lemonade 9. Chicken wings 10. I want to thank every single person that gave me inspirational advice. I was really at a low point that day and all the things that everyone said, gave me hope and reminded me of why I did this to begin with. Because of them I had the balls to go out and get a job while I’m here. I work at a gymnastics gym. And I’m loving it. So I’m thankful to everybody in this group, and for the sweet shout out from Annie

2. Alexis Palios

1 - MD 2 - a year?!?! 3 - Piper Lou Whos make me laugh! AND you and Annie make me laugh! Always. Kindred spirits. PLWs! 4 - well it’s funny now... I was stranded on a cruise ship that caught on fire and had to call my parents on Father’s Day to tell them! 🔥 🛳 5 - outgoing, love to laugh, addicted to the sun, summer and Piper Lou 6- Dear fairy godmother, what in the fuckity fuck fuck?! 7- The Maldives with a beach cottage out is the ocean 8- margaritas! 9- chips and queso 10- My sweet baby girl (Josie) who is now a PL super meowdle and Annie for picking us as FOTW!

3. Rachel Mae and Izzy!

Answers from izzy:

1) I live in America! (Virginia) 2) a long time! 4) she couldn't think of anything, but I can! She's notorious for defending my honor when he dad is being mean! She goes & gets a lightsaber or princess knight sword and fights him for being mean to me lol 5) fun! 6) "The Sass is strong with this one!" 7) Disney World! 8. Soda, but don't tell my daddy! 9. Dessert! 10. Alyssa & Haley!

4. Tiffany Baxter

1. Washington 2. I’ve been ordering for years but online I think 2 years. 3. I don’t hang out with anyone so feeling like I’m part of a community and supported has been really nice. I love reading the posts everyday. 4. Having a male employee walk in on me in while changing my tampon. (Luckily we were close) he teases me every time he sees me. 5. Thrifty 6. Bitch I will put you in a trunk and help people look for you this will be my next cup I’m thinking water bottle. 7. Somewhere tropical 8. I’m a coffee or water girl 9. Cream cheese and bacon jalapeños 10. Thank you Meghan for picking me and my boys for your fan of the week. We really appreciate it.

5. Nicole Kay

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