Fans of the Week - 1/18/21

Meet our fans of the week for this week!

1. Melissa Fredrico 

1. What state do you reside? Connecticut 2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who Since November 2019 3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who the ability to say whatever we want, having no filter and that being OK 4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story) 5. How would your friends describe you? 6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? BITCH I WILL PUT YOU IN A TRUNK AND HELP PEOPLE LOOK FOR YOU 7. What’s your dream vacation? A trip to London to see all the sites you read/now watch from historical times 8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler I’m not an alcohol drinker but every morning I have a hot cup of tea in one of my many mugs 9. Favorite appetizer 10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award? This award wouldn’t be possible without my brilliant daughter taping the video herself! So to honor her she has made another video to say thank you to all the fans and Annie

Mia's Answers: she’s from Woodbridge (it’s in CT But yea she’s 5) Her dream trip would be to Disney World ( she’s been 5 times but sure it’s still a dream to come) her favorite drink in one of tumblers is “lemonade of course! Duh Mommy” shoutout: see my video please! I made it just for you guys!

2. Malinda Reeves

I reside in TN and have been a Piper Lou Who since 2019. My favorite part of being a Piper Lou who is the laughs as well as the support the true Piper Lou who’s provide. Oh my gosh I am almost 52 years old so there are way too many stories to pick from, I’m not sure how my friends would describe me, maybe loyal and loving (ask my bestie Renee Carson Yarbrough 🤣) favorite Piper Lou quote right now is Adulting, I wouldn’t recommend it. Favorite appetizer depends on where I’m eating. Favorite drink to put in my tumbler is peach crown and sweet tea my dream vacation is always somewhere with the sand, sun and ocean... my shoutout goes to all The Who’s for their love and support on my post but to My QUEEN, My Ride or die RENEE CARSON YARBROUGH for always having my back and being a big part of my support system

3. Tiffany Barfield 

Hi!! I live in Missouri. I am fairly new to piper lou, just September of 2020. Favorite part is I love how we all support each other. Complete strangers but we are happy for someone’s new baby,or job and try to comfort someone who is going thru a rough time too. My friends describe me as loyal. My favorite tumbler quote is one I just got about a month ago,” I used to be nice and sweet now Im just like fuck you fuck that fuck everbody”- its my favorite because it’s funny and here lately so true. Dream vacation hands down would be to go to England but totally afraid of flying so unless a bridge gets built I probably won’t make it 🤣 Favorite drink in my tumbler is strawberry margarita. Favorite appetizer mozzarella sticks. Thank you to my husband for putting up the shelves and not batting an eye when I told him we will need more.

4. Stefanie Schlientz

I'm so excited! I live in NY. I got my first tumbler 2018 and I've been in love ever since! My friends would describe me as funny, outgoing, caring and has no filter. Dream vacation would be someplace tropical. I want to give a shout out to Miss Roxie (my kitten) for being the spunky, crazy, wild kitten I wanted! Her foster mom said she is mischievous and I said perfect, that's what I'm looking for and she fixes my broken heart and has kept me laughing and on my toes since the day I brought her home. Cheesy I know lol she's my fur baby

5. Martha Emmett 

 1. Delaware, 2, Only about 4 months, 5. Potty mouth and loyal. 6. This may be Vodka, 8. See 6. , 10. Shout out to all who like my post and thank you to my mom from whom I inherited my copper jello molds. My address is : 13 Burning Oak Dr, Felton, DE 19943 Again




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