Fans of the Week - August 31st

Meet this weeks incredible and amazing Fans of the Week!

Nina Plomateer

I mean just look at this cutie!! Need I say more?

1. What state do you reside? I reside in Virginia but originally from Washington state.
2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who? 6-7 months
3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who? Getting to share all my tumblers and all the funny/inappropriate posts.
4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story)
So this one time at a roller derby team after party in Korea with my team we were all drinking and tipsy. Well I had to use the bathroom and my friend did as well there was only 1 bathroom in the whole place. Well I told my friend you need to go more than me so you go first well she took FOREVER! I couldn't hold it any longer so I peed in the urinal. My friend and I laughed so hard. When you you gotta go you gotta go. Lol
6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? I have to many! Lol
7. What’s your dream vacation? To take my son back to visit bulgaria someday!
8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler? Blue Rasperry vodka with sprite or skrewball whiskey with chocolate milk.
9. Favorite appetizer? Stuffed mushroom app from cheesecake factory.

10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award?
I would like to thank Meghan Lamontagne, Annie McFarland, Piper Lou, and all the PLW's!!

Kelly Crox

These ladies just made us smile!! Still making the most of 2020! 


Lora Linda

Let's just say Lora really knows how to use giphy to get the VIP comments rolling!!

 I’m originally from CT, but live in Upstate NY with my hubby, my son, two cats and 5 chickens. My favorite tumbler is probably my custom “trash cat” opossum tumbler that I won playing giant Jenga on Annie’s game night- where I had to sing live with pandemic hair lol. My favorite part of being a Piper Lou Who is the friendships and the funny posts in the VIP group. My favorite things to drink in my tumblers #1 iced coffee, #2 hot coffee and #3 moscato- in that order lol. I don’t know what the funniest thing would be- my whole life is pretty hysterical, but the scariest thing that ever happened to me was probably almost falling out of Space Mountain as a kid... no more rollercoasters for me! How my friends would describe me- probably as a pain in the ass lol , their most entertainment of the week? Yep. My dream vacation would probably be to South Korea with my family- my son was adopted from S. Korea and I would love to bring him there someday just to see everything and eat street food the whole time lol. What is my fav appetizer hmmm.. ooh Mr. Lora (haha) makes awesome buffalo chicken wontons! Or anything with bacon!

Jennifer Parker

Jennifer took experimenting with her tumbler to a NEW level and we are here for it!

1.Where are you from? Nevada

2. How long have you been a PLW? About 4 months maybe?

3. Favorite part of being a PLW? The group itself. So many hilarious and heartfelt people.

4. Funniest story? Walking out naked at my house to see my MIL sitting there. Lol 5. How would your friends describe you? Stressed out comedian shitshow

6. Favorite tumbler? "Shine on You bat shit crazy Diamond" (I have that one!)

7. Dream vacation? Going to Greece for a month

8. Favorite drink to drink in your tumbler? Rosé, margaritas

9. Favorite appetizer? Figs with goat cheese and garlic honey

10. Anyone you would like to thank? Denise Repp. Because of her, I am now a PLW!

Brooke C. Myers Baer

This is a text convo that I'm sure many of us see too often! Brooke just decided to share hers with us LOL. 




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