Fans of the Week! - August 3rd

We are SO excited to announce this weeks Piper Lou FANS OF THE WEEK! Congratulations to the winners. We are so appreciative of every single customer and fan we have. These 5 fans displayed a little something "extra" this week to stand out. We'll go over each of the winners....

What do you win? 

- EXCLUSIVE Piper Lou Fan of the Week TUMBLER to commemorate this amazing feat you have accomplished. 

- Featured Picture on the Home Page Banner for 7 Days

- Exclusive video feature on our Piper Lou VIP page (if you so choose) 

- Announced/Shouted Out on Annie's Monday night live in front of millions of people! (alright...maybe not millions)


Tina Bonetsky

We chose Tina because Meghan is seriously obsessed with cats and Tina's cat has all the sass and attitude! We couldn't NOT reward it! 

1. What state do you reside? New York

2. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who the amazing ladies in the group. I truly believe we need to lift each other up!

3. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? Probably “if drunk me said or did something, take it up with drunk me. Don’t come at sober me, we weren’t there, we don’t know what happened” (too true)

4. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler citron vodka and (low-cal) lemonade!

5. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award? My cat Floof for being the inspiration behind that particular purchase and also having a staring role in the winning picture. 


Peggi Danielowski Peterson

Annie and Meghan BOTH had Peggi marked down for fan of the week! Clearly this was an epic photo with some epic Piper Lou Who's! 

Shannon Barnes Taylor 

Anyone who tries to search for a tumbler on our site and uses "dry f*#!" clearly should be FOTW LOL. 

1. Where are you form? Tennessee

2. How long have you been a PLW? I think about a year

3. Favorite part of being a PLW? Annie

4. How would your friends describe you? Loud and fun

5. Favorite Tumbler? Now it’s I can’t wait to see Karma come and dry fuck you with a cactus.

6. Dream vacation? Italy

7. Favorite drink to drink in your tumbler? Whipped cream Vodka and cranberry juice

8. Favorite appetizer? Fried Pickles

9. Anyone you'd like to thank for this award? My co-worker because she is the one I want to be dry fucked by a cactus  

Kelly Fortin

If this isn't the cutest and smallest little Piper Lou baby nugget you've ever seen then IDK what is!!


    Pamela Nicole

    I mean, do we really have to explain why we chose this one?! I mean the creativity is just.. just.. exactly what we are looking for! 

    1. Where are you from? -virginia beach Va
    2. How long have you been a PLW? 2-3 months
    3 Favorite part about being a PLW? the sister hood of piper lou whos
    4.Tell us a funny story-here i am a 50 yr old at my grandson’s 4yr old bday party not wanting to be out done by 30 yr old men on a slip n slide so i went down 3 times as the only female!!! Yes!!! Try #4 feeling cheeky i tripped and broke my ankle... but i didnt tell a sole!!! Nope not going to eat crow!
    5. How would your friends describe you? -sassy strong willed and loyal
    6. Favorite Tumbler? you are enough (my son attempted suicide so that one gets to my heart)
    7. Dream vacation?-Aruba
    8. Favorite drink to drink out of your tumbler?-coke and malibu pineapple rum
    9. Favorite appetizer? -chips n caso
    10. Special thank you for this award? all our piper lou whos for every inspiration they give to us all every day


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