Fans of the Week - Feb 22, 2021

Meet your fans of the week!

1. Theresa Reuter

2. Amy Weirauch

1) I live in the currently chilly state of Wisconsin! 2) I’ve been a Who for about a year and a half I think! 3) I love being able to “hang out” with people with the same sense of humor as me! 4) not the funniest but most recently I’ve cried over not having the kind of pizza I wanted for dinner! (Thanks hormones!) 😂 6) I’m not sure if it’s my favorite of all time but I’m really loving the I’m fine it’s fine everything is fine 😂 it’s my life motto right now! 8) watermelon mint Smirnoff and dole pink lemonade!

3. Deshawn Butterbaugh

1. What state do you reside? IA 2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou WHO? ALMOST A YEAR 3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou WHO? LISTENING TO ANNIE & MEGHAN & OF COURSE ALL THE PREVIEWS AND DEALS 4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story) IDK ABOUT FUNNIEST BUT I WORK WITH SPECIAL NEEDS INDIVIDUALS, WORKING WITH AN AMAZING LADY WHO IS CHAIR BOUND, BROUGHT HER A 2020 SUCKS MUG. SHE THEN LOOKED AT MY TUMBLER (VOCABULARY AT WORK.. F THIS, F THAT ETC. SHE LAUGHED AND SEEMED NERVOUS. I SAID IT'S OK TO SAY THINGS SOMETIMES & GET IT OUT. ALL OF A SUDDEN I LISTENED TO HER LOUDLY FOR ABOUT AN HOUR... F COVID, F TRUMP F THIS, F THAT, FFFFFFFF! OMG IT WAS GREAT! 5. How would your friends describe YOU? giving, loyal, helpful & I've heard it " a little fn crazy, blunt but would give her last penny to help anyone" 6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? They are all my favorites. Have you seen my stash😳😊 7. What’s your dream vacation? At this point anywhere--haven't even been out to eat in a year 8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler. Boring... But always 1 water & 1 coffee with me 9. Favorite appetizer? Probably onion rings & mushrooms 10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award? THANK YOU ANNIE & Megan I was so surprised & excited! And to my hubby (pimpa) for not killing me for currently having over 200 tumblers (I have gifted at least 150 and still have that many😳🤪)

4. Amber Toy

1. Ohio 2.I started ordering piper lou in August, 2020 I think and probably became a who about that time. 3.I love the love and support you get in this group. I also love that I have a lot of people just as crazy as I am. 4.I don’t really have a funny story, but like Annie and her tampin story last night, I do a lot of stupid things. 5. Crazy 6. Shine On You Bat Shit Crazy Diamond 7. One without my 3 teenagers and lots of alcoholic beverages 8. Goose and Lemonade 9. Spinach dip or pretzel bites and beer cheese 10.Meghan and Annie for picking me!

5. Christine Schafer 

I live in Ohio. I traveled quite a bit before all my kids were in school living in quite a few states. But came back home so the kids could grown up here. They are all grown and in the military or college now. Once college is over I will probably hit the states I haven’t yet. My favorite dream vacation honestly would be out in the Middle of nowhere in a cabin. When I say nowhere I mean there probably isn’t and water or electric in the cabin. I have a boyfriend of 8 years but my travel buddy is my kid brother. We’ve been one another’s road dogs since I was 17 and he was 14. We are now 41 and 38 and just went on our last adventure two months ago. So he would be a must if I ever get to do it. My friends would probably say I’m the life of the party but don’t piss her off cause her mouth alone will make you cry😆🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. I have a heart of gold but the temper of a true Latina woman. This is why my favorite hoodie says “ I have a good heart. But this mouth though”😆😆 My favorite quote would have to be “ it’s fine, I’m fine. Everything is fine”. This is how I cope so I don’t just completely loose it when pushed to the point. I simply say .... it’s fine. It’s versatile depending on the tone it’s used in. Just like the word shit😊. My favorite appetizer is definitely a blooming onion. Most times I order it I’m having dinner or lunch with a friend or family member and one of us has done something really stupid. They all know this is code to remind whichever one of it is that we are a “blooming idiot”. Plus who doesn’t love battered and fried onions?! Win all the way around. I love being a Piper Lou Who! These guys are the greatest. Just when you think your absolutely nuts because of something you’ve done, thought or feel and nobody else would be in that position or react or feel that way here comes one of them doing the same exact thing. No matter what we are never alone. And for the most part we are there without judgement. They are all the greatest bunch of smartasses one could hope to find. 9 out of ten times I’m drinking coffee out of my tumblers. But that 10th time it’s either fireball or one huge Jagerbomb. My tumblers are usually a warning of my mood for those around me and what kind of response they will be getting from me. And most people honestly do read my tumblers before talking to me

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