Fans of the Week! - Feb 8, 2021

We are back and ready to meet out new Fans of the Week!

1. Nola Lantz

1. Kansas 2. 3 yrs 3. When u have a bad day , you can always count on the Who to pick u back up. 4. When I was on a cruise and someone who knew me back home yelled my name and all my ppl in my party was like... you cant go anywhere. 5. Loyal 6. I have over 50. My personalized one NOLA 7. Bora bora 8. Peach crown and pineapple juice 9 bacon wrapped shrimp 10. Meghan and our very own Annie, without you 2, we could never have the WHOS

2. Sara Owens

1- I live in Ontario Canada. 2- found this amazing company in December & have ordered pretty much weekly since! 3- how every one is so great & funny & supportive 6-“giving a fuck doesn’t really go with my outfit today” 8- white claw 9- spinach dip.

3. Stephanie Lawrence 

4. Cyndi Harris Emdia

2: I’ve been a Piper Lou Who before Who-ville LOLz; I don’t remember exactly how long it’s been, but I think it was late 2016. 3: Favorite part of being a Who; All of the other PLW Sister’s & Brother’s ~ They’re always there to lift you up or put a smile on your face when you need it most! 5: My friends would probably describe me as a smart-ass and maybe a ‘lil bit of a pain the ass ~ But hopefully a fun and loyal pain in the ass! 6: Favorite tumbler quote: My new favorite {insert Annie voice} has to be “Bitch, I will put you in a trunk and help people look for you!” Because I’m nice like that!! 🤣 Although, my all-time fav is my personalized tumbler “It’s A Harris Thing…” That I had made up for my siblings and I ~ I’m the youngest of 10 (yes, ten) kids ~ for our get together on April 20, 2018 7&8: My dream vacation is renting a huge - like really big, remember I have 9 siblings, AirBnB that includes my family and girlfriends where we can make our fav drinks while enjoying them out of our PL tumblers as we sit around the pool, hot tub and/or firepit. Finally, I’d like to thank my family and friends for accepting my obsession of Piper Lou paraphernalia; just proves you don’t have to understand something in order to accept it! I love and appreciate all my fellow PLW’s!🥰🤗 Thank you, Meghan - I enjoy watching you and Annie & Especially when you two are together!

5. Stephanie Gillis

1. I currently live in the great state of Mississippi. 2. I've been a Piper Lou Who for about 2 years, but officially since Feb or Mar of 2020. That's when I joined the VIP group. 3. All the funny stories, on lives and from other Who's. It's de-stressing to read the posts and comments and laugh, and also to see all of the compassion and acceptance when people are going through tough times. We've all had a rough year, and no one needs extra BS...ever. That's also why I joined the PLWs Who Give Back! 4. So many, because I'm always embarrassing myself. I had to go work in NYC a few years ago, and I wound up driving everywhere. I would pull up to a red light, everything was clear, and so I would honk at people for not turning right when there was no traffic. Three days later, I said something to a New Yorker, and found out you can't turn right on red there unless there is a sign saying it's okay to do so. There are about 5 signs like that in the city. 🤦‍♀️ That explained the looks I got. I'm just glad I didn't get a ticket too. 5. No clue, but I told hubby I have a really cold heart, and he said that's so far from the truth. He says, if anything, I'm too nice sometimes. 6. Favorite tumbler many, and it depends on my mood, but I love "Bitch, I will put you in a trunk, and help people look for you." That crosses my mind a lot! 7.Dream vacation...Scotland and/or Ireland, and just sit in a pub, watching people, and talking to locals. 8. Right now, water all day. On the weekends, either gin or Western Son Lime vodka, and Fever Tree light tonic. ONLY Fever Tree tonic though. 9. Rattlesnake bites from Saltgrass Steakhouse. 10. I want to thank Meghan for choosing my post, and recognizing that I'm such a delight! Also, shout out to Annie, Meghan, and Piper Lou for making it all possible! Finally, thank you to all the Who's keeping us entertained daily, and not making me feel like a crazy addict!

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