Fans of the Week! Jan. 4th 2021!

Meet your fans of the week for the new year! 

1. Kimber Ly

I am just a bumpkin from a small podunk town...Leraysville, PA. We do not even have a stop light! My few close friends ( well, that would be my 5 grown kids) would describe me as crazy ( in a good way), understanding, and kind. I am also forgetful, chubby, and old:) I discovered Piper Lou in September 2020 when I went digging for a mug for Kate, my mug snob. She was the one on the tricycle! I found really amazing stuff! Joining the VIP'ers was a great decision because I love the fun AF, safe community you have built. Mr. Brown is a stuffed shirt, so I have to get laughs somewhere! In 2019, we took a family cruise for Kate and Steven's wedding to Canada. I loved the cruise, hated the cold in Canada. My dream is to cruise again to a warm destination... Somewhere where icicles are nonexistent. Somewhere I can sit on the beach with my Woohoo drink ( amazing Vodka, Scrappy, Cranberry) in my personalized "Eat Glass" or "Bitch, I will put you in a trunk" tumbler and forget the world exist while chomping on anything chocolate. Somewhere where I can rope my family into doing crazy ass pictures again because they are my people! I love everyone of their stinking asses to death! And when they fuss about pictures, I buy a freak ton of sweatshirts, stuff them in them, and tell them to smile! Piper Lou, you rock!!!! Oh, BTW, funny story... so Kate, Kacy, and I decided to get our noses pierced... we found a place in downtown creepy Allentown at 8pm. Because of Covid, we could only go in one at a time. KC and I were in the FJ waiting for Kate when an old man actually backed into us and got Kate's car! And, he stayed there! Kacy was going to get out and "let him have it" but we were in center city Allentown! I made her stay put, we took photos, and let Kate ( she's Air Force) handle it when she came out. Turns out it was a little, old man who didn't realize he had hit us because his back up camera didn't work. Right. Bring on on the Woohoo!

2. Tiomoya Owens

3. Sam Golder 

1. What state do you reside? Idaho 2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who? Since November 2020 3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who? The lives I always get a laugh or several while watching 4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story) story - when my son was around my daughter's age so that three my grandfather taught him to say bowlshit(bullshit). My brother taught him to say bullshit judge and he would scream it while walking through Walmart anytime he saw his Kunkle (uncle). Or whenever he felt like it. 5. How would your friends describe you? Crazy b*tch 6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? Not today mugglefucker! 7. What’s your dream vacation? A trip around Germany to see my exchange siblings 8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler? Water or tea 9. Favorite appetizer homemade spinach artichoke dip 10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award? My daughter Salem

4. Lisa Clifford-Burton

I live in Oregon 2) Been a PL Who since April 2020. 4) Funniest thing well I have a few but 1 was I was talking on my cel phone driving down I-5 looked to my left and there is channel 6 news crew van with the big as camera pointed right at me ad they drove past about 4 hours later my phone was blowing up with messages many from my friends 1 from my dad YEP I made the news once again it was a freeze frame pic of me yapping away with the caption " Is This Safe " shortly after the law took affect of talking while driving 🤣Oh the message from my dad was I needed to call him immediately.... LOL he was not amused 3) I love everything about Piper Lou's but I think my favorite is our supporters group and our Happy Hour get together just chatting or playing a game what ever we do but love our fb page too and all the posts happy,sad,funny all of it. 5) Well I called my sister and one of my friends and both said I'm loyal, kind, life of the party,positive,but can be a smart ass not afraid to speak my mind if someone is a jerk to me or my friends Oh and my sister said I'm not afraid to let someone know they are # one if they cut me off while driving 😂 6) I have so many but "Shine on you bat shit crazy diamond " is my #1 lol 7) Dream Vacation Morocco and Egypt. 8) Fav drink LOL Prosecco ( My sister just went and got the Big Ass bottle of it 🤣 9) Fav appetizer hands down Seared Ahi 10) My sister or daughter or one of my future in-laws might I did get several text's

5. Kayla Burke

1. Nebraska 2. I got my first tumbler a month ago! 3. I live in a house of all boys. I love feeling like I have A HUGE group of gal pals I can "chat" with 😊 6. "I'm no cactus expert, but I know a prick when I see one" 7. Taking my whole family for a trip to explore Australia! 8. I've only had my tumbler for a month, so I've only put sparkling water in it 😂 9. Fried pickles with ranch! 10. Wendy Porter for giving me my first Piper Lou tumbler!!!

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