Fans of the Week - November 23rd

Meet this weeks fans of the week! 

1. Amy Helbig 

1. I live in Arizona, born in Maine 2. Been a member for like 3 months! 3. Favorite part of being a PLW? The support and the wicked funny memes! 4. I once told an entire group of church ladies to go commando at the grocery store, completely by accident. 5. I'd be described as funny, a good baker, and hopefully compassionate and service-oriented. 6. Favorite tumbler quote: "2020, The Year Everyone's Shitter was Full" 7. Dream vacation is going to ALL the Disney parks in the entire world!! 8. Favorite drink? I am boring, True Lemon Wildberry Lemonade over ice with fresh raspberries and Torani sugar free raspberry syrup. 9. Favorite appetizer? Pepperoni pizza dip. 10. I would like to thank all of you, my amazing family, and all my wicked awesome friends!!

2. Pamela Blazewics

1. SC but from GA
2. Not sure of exactly how long but I know I joined it this year
3. I love all the New friends that I get to meet and I love Annie and Meghan!!
5. Quiet when you first get to know me but Lord help you after you've known me.... You can't shut me up.
6. Don't make me go Beth Dutton on you (Need more Yellowstone stuff)
7. Australia
8. Bloody Mary's
10. I want to thank all the ladies that liked/loved my post and all the comments  And of course I have to thank Annie and Meghan!! 

3. Lindsey Lowe Sowada

Hey, yay, thank you! I live in Lakeville, Minnesota. I have been a Piper Lou who for about a year now! My favorite part of being in this group is all the love and support! Everyone just knows how to life every one up, and of course all the funny posts! Favorite tumbler quote: “Sometimes I get distracted by my own cleavage, like nice” Favorite drink is Bacardi Limon with grape water. Shout out to my friends who I was playing beer pong with, Nici Spicer and Cassie Schudoloc.

4. Laurie Turner

I live in friends look as me as the mommy type, funny because I have no children. But also all look at me if there is a problem, like I'm the one most likely to throat punch someone... I've been who-ing for about 2 years, and I'm hooked. My favorite drink to put in is Smirnoff red white and berry vodka and fruit punch..I have a QOTUS cup because my friends call me Queen of The United States, taking dream vacation to Jamaica in June if Rona doesn't ruin it, too. And I'd like to thank all my regulars at the dive bar I manage for inspiring the cups I buy!! Namely, the "first of all, eat a dick". That gets used a lot!

5. Jenny Preshel Frieze

1) I reside in Missouri.
2) I have been a Piper Lou Who since the spring of 2020 when I became an alcoholic because of
3) I love interacting with everyone and everyone just being real!
4) I had my gallbladder removed and a complete hysterectomy on November 11th. Healing at home but couldn’t get over the pain on my right side. So went to the ER on the 19th and found out I had an abscess and has surgery on the 20th. They worried about a blood clot in my leg so on the 22nd, they took me down to have an ultrasound. The person who takes blood came at the exact time the transport team came to take me to do the ultrasound. Because I was in the hallway already I told them to just take the blood with me sitting on the bed to go down. I told her I had good veins and she would be able to do it quick. She mentioned I had the perfect holes from the other times they drew blood because she could use those. I told her my husband thought I had perfect holes also, and everyone around started laughing. My CNA was 20 and she blushed and I said sorry...just trying to add humor into being poked so many times by different people and my husband still wanted to be married to me. Propped me up on the bed in the hallway and asked if I was cold and I told them no. They said they had to put a blanket over me so I didn’t flash anyone. I said “Great....take away the way I was going to make some money to pay for the hospital stay by being paid to flash.” Everyone just cracked up and said I was their favorite patient. I just wanted them all to be able to smile as they have to deal with so many mean people when they don’t feel good.
5) My friends nicknamed me JTSPF which is Jenny The Shit Peshel Frieze. They think I win everything and that I try to make sure everyone is having a good time.
6) My Tumbler quote I had put on a cup is still my favorite. “I Only Got Played Because I Got In The Game. (Inside story.......)
7) I would love a cruise where I could sight see at different ports and just be in the sun having fun. I turned 50 in April and 6 girls had planned a celebration party to go but cancelled it due to
 My favorite drink is Grape Vodka and Redbull in my Piper Lou cup.
9) I love appetizer samplers because I like so many different things. But artichoke dip is one of my favorites on the samplers.
10) I want to give a shout out to Ronda, Shannon and Laura, who I have gotten addicted to Piper Lou, because my post won because they checked in on me to make sure I was watching Piper Lou. If you go back to the night Derek became famous, Shannon was the one who started his cuteness.




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