Fans of the Week - Oct. 5th 2020

Here are your fans of the week for the week of October 5th!

1. Ann Brown Teer

Tis the season to be like Ann!

1. What state do you reside? Arkansas

2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who 3 months and may need 12 step program lol

3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who laughter, compassion love fun and it all talks to me

4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story) Went out in my gown to find part of our werley bird that blew apart during a storm the night before well I stepped in the wrong spot and sunk in the mud and got stuck! Here i am in the mud in the front yard in my gown next to the highway what the hell. Kloe go get grandpa!! Those 2 were to busy laughing. Im stuck and cant go anywhere! He got me out and we all laughed bato the house mud and all

5. How would your friends describe you? Crazy

6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? Dont Mess with me I get paid to stab people with sharp objects

7. What’s your dream vacation? To go back to California and reconnect with family and meet the ones that came along after we moved.

8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler. Tequila and if at work unsweet tea

9. Favorite appetizer Anything spicy with a kick.

10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award? All of my Piper family. Yall are a hoot and You ROCK


2. Shari Swanerbury 

Hammer Time!! LOL

1.I live in Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley. One kiddo is still home, the other is a Combat Medic / Paramedic. Both my girls, kick ass. We have 3 puppers and 1 kitty, ALL girls! I love the support that the who's give each other. I would be described as loud, upfront, and intimidating, but with a secret soft side. My favorite vacation would be Alaska, or someplace cold. It would involve nature, outdoors and observing killer whales in their natural habitat. Wine, one bottle in a 30 oz tumbler, only counts as one glass, right? My favorite appetizer would be a cheese and charcuterie tray, of course, it goes with wine. Hahaha, Annie and her love life.

3. Jennifer Schramm

Always let your beach tumblers be your inspiration! This is so creative! 


1. Where are you from? Ohio
2. How long have you been a PLW? About a month
3. Best part of being a PLW? The lives are hysterical
4. Funny story? Funny now. But as an adult I broke my ribs playing musical chairs and broke my sacral during tug a war
6. Favorite tumbler? Love the this year is boo sheet
7. Dream vacation? Cruise around the world.
8. Fav thing to drink from your tumbler? Ciderboys blackberry hard Cider
9 Favorite appetizer? shrimp cocktail

10. Thank you to my happy place Topsail Beach NC

4. Stephanie Lawrence 

As a cat lady myself.. I fully support the re-use of this tumbler wrapping

1. I live in Alaska
2. I only became a Who about a month and a half ago
3. My favorite part of being a Who is the camaraderie. Being able to be nuts with a bunch of other nuts is the best!
4. I am a 48 year old Irish dancer. So, I feel I have a lot to prove because I dance with a lot of very, very young girls. We had a very large performance coming up for state fair, I practiced my tail off and I get to the fair late because of traffic and I have to run right up on stage. We have a crowd of about 200 people out there waiting on us to start dancing. I run in and I’m ready to show these little girls that an old woman can do this and we go through the whole performance. 30 seconds after we get off stage…One of the parents comes to me and informs me that I forgot to put my bloomers on! So here I was, in front of 200 people, dancing with all of my nether region hanging right out for the world to see every time I jumped, turned, twisted and leaped. It definitely taught me to never go commando again!. I am now known as the commando dancer. No matter what happens now, it is always used as, well it can’t be any worse than when Stephanie…… LOL
5. My friends would describe me as loud, loyal to the death, and ready to jump right in front of them at any sign of danger.
6. Shut up liver, you’re Irish!
7. My dream vacation with Alaska, instead of coming on vacation… I moved here!
8. My favorite drink to put in my Tumbler is coffee, Until I get home. Then it’s usually Jameson.
9. Absolute, hands down, favorite appetizer has to be fresh Alaskan crab cakes.
10. Thank you Meghan for being the crazy cat lady and choosing me for my crazy cats!!!!!!

5. Bridget Singleton 

When pets are involved we simply can't over look it! 

1. I live in sunny Florida ☀️
2. I’ve been a PL since shortly after the fires in Australia when I bought my first cup.
3. This page gives hope, laughter, encouragement, support and love to each other like no page I’ve ever seen and it just makes it the best page to be on!
6. I’m not always a bitch, just kidding, go fuck yourself! (I’m still waiting for them to make me a “I would rather be watching hallmark Christmas movies, someone help me with this one!)
7. I don’t particularly have one dream vacation, as a TA I dream of traveling all over the world.
10. I have to give my shout out to my Lucy Lou for that amazing underbite smile of hers. She’s a lover and everyone that sees her smiling pictures gets a smile on their face as well! Thank you to Piper Lou as well!

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