Fans of the Week - September 7th

Meet this weeks incredible and amazing Fans of the Week for the week of September 7th! 

Jeane Holcomb Garner Fritz

She just had her 72nd birthday and still drinks vodka like a champ. Need I say more?

1. Where are you from? Alabama
2. How long have you been a PLW? March 2020
3. Favorite part of being a PLW? PL site is my freedom break every day! My husband has dementia and we have been stuck at home since 3/17/20!
4.Tell us a funny story? This summer I was trying to learn the Git Up Challenge by Blanco Brown. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out, not being as flexible as I once was I hurt my knee. Today I saw the orthopedic and dreaded telling him what I had done.... turns out both my knees are worn out and eventually have to be replaced. Doctor told me I need to keep my activities to things I need to do rather than something I think is funny!
I have a very sick/dark sense of humor
5. How would your friends describe you? strong, determined and kind
6. Favorite tumbler? My mother tongue is sarcasm but I’m fluent in bitch (don’t have that yet)!
7. Dream vacation? Anywhere in Florida in the beach, I grew up going and because of my husband, haven’t been back since 2011.
8. Favorite drink to drink in your tumbler? Vodka, Diet Coke & lime
9. Favorite appetizer? Crab claws

10. Who would you like to thank? Meghan, Annie and my new 820 new friends from my birthday post!

Heather Barley

LOL to us Heather, this IS creative! Which is why you are now Fan of the Week!


1. I live in AZ. 2. I started my piper Lou addiction in March 3. My favorite part is the positive community 5. My friends would probably say I am the bad influence. Well maybe not my friends but their husbands would say that for sure 6. I have so many favorites but my favorite for work is daily goals keeping the tiny humans alive. I work as a health assistant at a school 7. My dream vacation would be a cruise to Europe and then travel around Europe 8. I am working on loosing weight so right now my favorite beverage is tea in my cup 9 jalapeño poppers 10. I want to thank all the piper Lou who’s that gave me love for my post and everyone at piper Lou.

Amy Lynn Noland

If this meme from Amy Lynn doesn't touch your soul... then I don't know what will...

1) Where do you reside? south Carolina
2) How long have you been a PLW? think it's been 2 years?
3) Favorite part of being a PLW? Meghan and Annie, of course!
4) Tell us a funny story - I once got extremely trashed on vodka and spent the night searching in, around, and through our Christmas tree looking for a spider my husband convinced me was there ... There was no spider, but the video was hilarious. Also did terrible math, and made a "zebra" impression.... Which, in a sober mindset, sounded like a donkey brey.... Yeah. I'm a ton of fun. Lmao
5) How would your friends describe you? blunt, honest, fun
6) Favorite tumbler? Blow Me or Shuh Duh Fu Cup (I have both lol)
7) Dream vacation? Hawaii
8 ) What do you like to drink in your tumbler? alcoholic- vodka and a mixer
Non alcoholic- mountain dew or water
9) Favorite appetizer? CHEESE FRIES
10) Anyone you'd like to thank? shout out to my husband for not killing me for buying so many tumblers! Love ya, Babe!

Denise Humphries

I as well as Denise love the fall, but no way am I creative enough to make an amazing fall garnish out of left over tumbler wrapping from Piper Lou! Denise really Nailed it! 

1) Live in Florida 2) 1st order April 2020 3) craziness and caring people 4) funnies thing for me was when I was in grocery store after birth of second child and out for 1st time without her. Trying to get groceries fast to get home to breast feed baby. Someone cane up to me and said "I think your milk is leaking" I looked at my shirt and covered my boobies and didn't see any leakage. Lady then pointed down at the gallon of milk in my cart with a trail of milk dripping out of it. 5) fun. Caring. And giving. 6) I'm not sluring my words, I'm speaking in cursive. 7)dream vacation: take my daughter to Bermuda for her to scuba dive (and us drink out of our piper lou's and eat) before she goes into Navy hopefully as pilot in early 2021. 8 ) rum, whiskey, tequila. Wine .....oh crap...everything!! 9) escargot 10) thank you to my daughter Courtney for her Corona college graduation (May 2020. Where we just drank out our first piper lou's), and for all she does to help me. She learned how to piper lou very fast. And she'll make a kick ass pilot.

Beth Mings

Beth cracked us up with her FBI sleuthing in the VIP group this week! Or maybe she't the new host of Jerry Springer... 

1. What state do you reside? Minnesota
2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who? Been who’n for awhile.
3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who? Talking with everyone from all walks of life.
4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story) stopping and asking for directions... Only to find out I’m not in the right state  (1988)
5. How would your friends describe you?Rebel Child Gods Problem Child
6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? Drinking The Tears Of My Haters
7. What’s your dream vacation? I have two! Destin, Fl Crab Island and Duluth, MN watching the tug boats
8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler? Knob Creek and Mountain Dew with ice
9. Favorite appetizer Potato Skin and Cheese sticks
10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award?
Shout out to everyone! Live life to fullest. Your all the best

    Kathie LaRocca 

    Kathie and her girls hit Vegas wearing their Piper Lou and they looked so hot! Get it queens! 




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