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Who watched last Friday Night LIVE? I was on a super spontaneous girls get away with my besties to scope out hot, male swim suit models to quench our thirsty girl dehydration. In the process of racing out the door, we all managed to forget to pack something. I, clearly, was not worried about how I smelled because I forgot my toothbrush and deodorant. That would be one, sure fire way to scare off hot, male swimsuit models! One of the girls forgot her panties. . I am now left wondering if this was on purpose because she was running around commando all weekend. 

But this getaway made me think, what are things that you are willing to share with someone else and what will you absolutely go without rather than share? And has Covid made a difference in your list? Let’s start off easy:Let’s just say you are exactly like me and you forget your toothbrush. I know you can get one from the hotel front desk but stop being logical for a hot minute and pretend that you can’t. . . would you borrow your friends, kids, SO’s toothbrush? Me. . nope. . .next.




I would rather do the finger toothbrush that we all tried as some point in life, it is not super effective but it’s better than the dry heaving that would happen if I tried to use someone else’s toothbrush.This is a good one and it totally bogles my mind. . .mattresses. I would never buy a used mattress but I have no problem going to a hotel and sleeping on a mattress that has had thousands of strang asses on it doing God only knows what. Why. . .why does my mind make the distinction? Maybe my desire to travel is greater than the ick factor of the hotel mattress.Or what about a bar of soap. . it’s inherently clean, right? So, sharing shouldn’t gross anyone out, unless you find the rando pube stuck in it.


It’s especially bad when you find a random ginger pube in the family bar of soap and wonder who has red hair, only to find out that grandpa did before he went grey. . . um. . . I guess he didn’t go grey all over. <gag> In case you were wondering. . .that’s a true story!My daughter has the worst habit in the world of coming to sit next to me or her brother on the couch, get thirsty and grab one of our cups and drink from it. This one small act typically erupts into a huge fight between the kids. . . see, I don’t care if she drinks from my cup but my son can’t stand it when she grabs his cup. So, she usually goes for his over mine just to egg him on. You can actually see the devil horns sprout up as she leans forward, contemplating which cup she is going to steal! It is funny to me that something that will gross out one person have zero effect on someone else but we all have very different tolerance levels.

So. . .I’m super curious where you fall on the Grossology scale! 

-  Annie


  • Amanda McMahon

    My children and husband eat off my plate or drink out of my cup but anyone else does it I will lose it, I bring my own sheets, pillows and blankets if I have to stay somewhere other than my house , I have forgotten to bring feminine products so I had to use a ton of tp while wearing thongs for a weekend because we were staying in the wilderness and the closest town with a store was an hour away

  • Deidra Bunch

    Honestly, I refuse to use anything that isn’t expressly mine. My daughter has used my deodorant and, if she won’t just take it, I throw it away. I always keep an extra on hand. We just took a trip a couple weeks ago and I forgot socks and panties. As soon as we checked into the hotel I got directions to a store I’ll shop at and bought new. No commando for this chic. No sharing of anything…ewww!

  • Noel Steele

    Never ever share a toothbrush. Grosses thing ever. 🤮. I wouldn’t even share one with someone I frequently shared spit with. I don’t like when someone picks up my drink and takes a big or little sip. Whatever I’m drinking goes down the sink. Too many germs in the mouth unless you’re missing and then who cares.

  • Michelle Fonner

    I know I’m their Mom but I can’t kiss my kids after they got a kiss from their step mom, I know I was married to their Dad but the 2 of them are just gross and do things they shouldn’t, like swap lugies 🤮

  • Crystal Lester

    Hi Annie💜
    I’m not sure why noone responded vfc though🤔 I finger using a used mattress from family..everyone drinks off my drinks som ed time I cringe thinking about back wash🤣 especially with my boyfriend that chews…thank God he hates coffee.My middle son hates to share with me or his brothers Haha he says we have germs! Have a nice day CL.

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