Shut up and Do it! - Annie McFarland

Many of you know the rather embarrassing predicaments that I get myself into. . . let’s have a brief flashback to #tinktinktink or Did He Spank You?

But let me explain why I do this. . I am a HUGE believer in the power of YES! Since you never know what you will absolutely love and what you will absolutely despise, you really have to try everything at least once. How else are you supposed to make a decision of where it will fall in your life in the future. For example, I tried a tink tink butt plug and I now know that I will not be trying that again. But throw a good spanking my way and I am all in! You just never really know!

Quite simply, the power of yes is really just a fancy name for being willing to try something new, at least once. Even when it is something that will push you out of your comfort zone, just say yes because that is where real personal growth happens. Now. . you may be reading this and thinking, ‘Really, annie. . . are you trying to spin your embarrassing stories as personal growth opportunities?’ 
My answer to that. . .you bet your ass I am! Ha!

As much as I would love to have this whole blog cover being open and willing during sexy time, it is actually so much more.

Take my job with Piper Lou, for example. When Piper Lou threw me on a live, I was terrified. I had never been Facebook live before and all I could think about was, ‘what if I fail, what if I suck, what if they (meaning you all) hate me? 

I was in a cold sweat, I was fidgeting with a pen and then boom. . .I was live. I had all the fear in the world but I also was willing to say yes and give it a shot, just once. What was the worst that could happen? I embarrass myself? I do that all the time anyway. You hate me? Well, then Piper Lou never shoves me LIVE again.

But that is not what happened. In fact, the exact opposite happened. I get to live my dream job. . .every FREAKING day! All because I was willing to push aside my fear and simply say YES to that one experience. Believe me, I know that it is so much easier to overthink all the bad things that could come from trying something new. I constantly run through all the ways I could screw something up instead of believing in all the ways I can make it amazing. That cold fear running through you, is literally all the more reason why you should just say yes. What do you think that fear is showing you? It’s showing you that this is something that you really care about, if you didn’t care. . .you wouldn’t feel that fear. 

I have a girlfriend who is terrified of relationships. She refuses to let someone close to her because she’s been hurt in the past. Every time she begins dating someone new, she gushes about something they said, how funny they are or how cute he is in a picture. But then, as soon as it gets to a certain point of connectedness, she slams shut and clams up! She is not willing to let anyone in to hurt her. 

Look, I understand it and believe me, y’all. . .I’ve been there. But at the same time once she clams up, he gets frustrated and moves on while she winds up feeling disappointed. The hurt feelings of that disappointment are there because she had put her hope into this connection, she had stopped for a minute to dream about the possible positive outcome. Then she allowed her fear to take over and she creates the situation in which he wants to walk away. She doesn’t believe that if she opens her heart that he will want to stick around and take care of that heart. She is so quick to believe the negative and ignore the blatantly obvious fact, that she is amazing. And, quite honestly, this guy might not be the one, but if she is going to feel the disappointment anyway, might as well feel it, knowing that she gave it her best shot. It didn’t work out, so move on to the next one but do it with an open heart and a yes, man attitude to see if that gets a different result. I don’t know, it may not be a different result but what she is doing now certainly isn’t working so why not try something different? Something based in the cup half full arena instead of the other. . .more Debbie Downer area.

This is your challenge time! I am going to push every last one of us out of our comfort zone. . . let’s come together…unite and agree that we are going to say yes to the next opportunity that comes our way. . .unless we really don’t want too or it involves the butt stuff. Ha. . but seriously. . . what do you want to change in your life and what are you willing to say YES to?
- Annie

*Hammer, I know you will read this and think it is open season for whatever kink you want to throw at me and. . .to that I say ahhhhh. . .hell no!


  • Heidi-lyn Morse

    I agree with you. Life is so full of opportunities and we have to take them when they come our way. Sure we may suck or fail OR we may shine and succeed! I used to be really painfully shy. When I was 16 I said to myself, I am missing out on all kinds of fun and adventure. I’m not going to be shy anymore or at least I wasn’t going to let anyone know I was scared to death. So I started doing things that I was scared shitless to do (simple things to most people – talk to a boy or go to a party) and I found out I liked most of the things I was trying. Since then it’s been watch out world cause here I am. I don’t regret anything I’ve done because I’ve learned and grown from it all. Have I made some sketchy choices? Yes, but I have also done some things that have even amazed me. So, I say live life, you only get one as far as we know.


    Loved the Blog,I agree with saying yes to new things,lol But if the Hammer Says Tink Tink ,I have another idea to try.
    I have a 9 volt battery ,If you put it on you nipple it will only Tingle,LIER
    Stay away from 9 volt Batteries.It is more of a sharp Shock than a Hurts.
    Yes I tried it because my husband said it would be fun.NOT.LOL.

  • Julie Ball

    Remember when we were kids and our mother introduced a new food. We said we wouldn’t like it. How would we have known we didn’t like it unless we tried it? I am my worse enemy when it comes to cheering me on. I always think I can’t do something. But then I look back and see the things that I have done. I survived my husband’s deployments with three kids, one being his daughter from his first marriage that DID NOT want to be there and the other two toddlers. I moved us with out him being there. Set up households, again, alone. If we don’t try, how will we know? How will we know what we can accomplish and achieve? Take the chance and reap the awards.

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