The Science of Sexy - By Annie

The Science of Sexy:

Well. . . what in the actual hell? I thought I had my opinion all figured out and I foolishly thought that I was going to whip up a witty little blog, sharing my deep intellect (insert eye roll here) and then. . .well. . .then I had a conversation with The Hammer. 
And now, no knowledge, just confusion. . . yet this seems like it should be so simple-
What makes someone sexy?  

Of course, The Hammer thinks I’m sexy but he’s also trying to score a piece of this ass so what else would he say? 
Honestly, I would NEVER describe myself that way. 
Cute? For sure. Funny? Uh, obviously. Loyal? To the core. Humble? Clearly, I rock at humility! HAHAHA!
Sexy? Never! 
If you google what makes someone sexy, you get a million articles about confidence and ambition and attractiveness and success and blah, blah, blah but I know a shit ton of people who have all of that and they still don’t see themselves as sexy. 
Look, I get that we all have those moments when we are dressed up, hair and makeup did, nails on point and we are feeling like a total dime piece. But that’s what they are. . . moments and those hottie moments only happen when all the pieces are put perfectly in place. Realistically, how often does that happen? I mean. . .really? For me? It’s almost never because I fall into the “hot mess” category way more often than the perfect 10 category and I am totally ok with that . .I embrace my beautiful disaster vibe! 
Ask your significant other or your spouse or your friends and I bet most will tell you that you are sexy and will then give you a list of reasons why. Qualities that you may not see in yourself or don’t find the value in. The Hammer told me that he’s drawn to me because of the way I laugh at his jokes and the casual way I am when I’m around him, just comfortable. 
So, is sexy really in the eye of the beholder and not necessarily in the feeling of the individual? 
Then The Hammer brought up a very good point- no matter who we are, our definition of ourselves will ALWAYS be different than the image that others see because we get the behind the scenes view of our messy lives. 
We know that when we rolled out of bed this morning, our pits were stinking like nobody’s business! (actually happened, today).
We know that we left the house this morning without brushing our teeth and just hope that the mint we popped in will somehow save the day. (whoops, this happened today too).
We know that we eeked into the gas with 4 miles remaining in our tank. (yup, you guessed it, happened today as well).
Literally, not one thing about day to day life is sexy so how would it ever be possible to feel it everyday? But it’s in those little moments when your eyes sparkle or your smile is real that someone else will catch a glimpse of your personal sexy. 
And. . .I get it, the title of this blog is totally misleading as there is literally not one ounce of science here, just the ramblings of a sleep deprived “girl next door” trying to tap into her inner siren!
Oh. . .one last nugget for you to stew on. . .WELCOME to our Weekly Wednesday blog where you get to hear all the things that run through my head or happen in my life or just whatever I feel like jotting down! I know that you are sooooooo excited to see where this goes. . . I know, I know. . . insert eye roll! Ha!

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