Thirsty Thursday - Tipsy Ice Pops

I am officially changing the name of Thirsty Thursday to Tipsy Thursday, just for this week, in honor of our ‘recipe’ of the week, the Tipsy Ice Pop! You will need some Ice pops, alcohol of your choice (I used Malibu Rum and Titos’ Vodka, but not at the same time) and a flat iron...Super simple!


1- Take the ice pop and cut off the top. 

2- Pour out just a little bit of the ice pop liquid.
3- Grab the alcohol of your choice and pour into the ice pop packet.
4- Now here’s the really cool part… grab your flat iron and reseal the ice pop, it should only take a couple seconds.
5- Hold upside down to make sure it doesn’t leak… If it does, just put the flat iron back on there for an extra second.
6- Put in the freezer until frozen and voilà… Tipsy Ice Pops!

***I highly recommend that you mark these so your kiddos don’t see ice pops in the freezer and go to town!***

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