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This very well may be the mushiest blog I’ve done to date. . . but let’s talk about love at first sight! Meghan and I talked about this very topic on Two Blondes Walked into a Bar and I thought FOR SURE Meghan would be a total believer in it, whereas I usually tend to fall on the more jaded side of the spectrum.
But maybe in all my years of dating, I am finally on to something. What if it’s NOT actually love at first sight but some sort of peace or some cosmic understanding or some shit like that which tells us, this person is supposed to be in your life to serve some purpose?

Hear me out for a minute on this one. 

We have all heard the phrase, ‘if something is too good to be true it usually is.’ This theory applies to every aspect of life. . .a financial opportunity, a good deal, a new job, a new man. . . if it seems too good to be true then you really should turn around and run the other way. But way more often our hope holds us in place for way longer than we should because maybe this really is an incredible opportunity so we stick it out only to look back and say. . .yup. . I should have known. <insert exaggerated eye roll here>

I can tell you with a 100% guarantee that I am so freakin jaded that my guard is always up. . .especially when it comes to men.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a terrible picker! I always go for completely the wrong guy and I never fully understand why. I was talking with one of our loyal who’s and she said she always goes for cops. . that is her type and it always ends badly. But I don’t have a type! I have dated tall, short, successful, struggling, bald, hairy, creatives, conservatives. . .you name it. . I’ve dated it. Here’s why. . .I keep thinking that I need to go for someone completely different than what I had before so that I don’t make the same mistake. Then WHAM, each type of guy ends up surprising me with a new messed up way of breaking up or breaking my heart or both. I think I am being so careful and this time it’s going to end differently, this time I am actually going to find the right person and in turn, I will be the right person! Well. . .y’all know that hasn’t panned out so well for me!
So. . .when I come across a guy that is amazing, funny, laughs at my jokes, is easy to be around, successful, handsome, he doesn’t play games, he just tells me that he likes being around me, he tells me that he wants to see me and best of all, he wants to sweep me off my feet. . . it should be an easy decision to just walk away, right? Because it’s too good to be true. This is the kind of fairy tale shit I’ve never seen in real life. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen. . .to me or to any of my single girlfriends. Maybe he’s a narcissist? Maybe he’s a con artist? Maybe he preys on sad, pathetic women? 

But. . hold on for a moment. . .maybe. . .just maybe, he is exactly the right person for me. Now. . I’m not saying he’s perfect. . .because some might not find him funny or handsome or easy to be around. Some might find him boring or ugly or annoying. . .but I don’t. I appreciate the things I have seen in the very short period of time that I have known him. And believe me, y’all.  .I rarely get past the first date! I am WAY more commonly a one and done dater so meeting someone that I instantly spend 5 days in a row with is sooooo edgy for me! I thought for sure after the second date, he would be out. Nope. Definitely after the third day I would be irritated by him. Nope. No doubt after 4 freakin days together I would want to scratch my own skin off and fake an illness to get away from him. Nope. 
I don’t want to be all kinds of mushy here but I warned you that this was going to happen. . .but what if. . .he’s just the exact right person for me, for today, hopefully tomorrow. . .who knows. . .maybe for longer. I am not naïve enough or young enough to believe in love at first sight and I am still proceeding forward with a massive wall up that will have to be addressed at some point. But I’m not even close to being done with him. . .yet! 

Is this the same wishful thinking and hope that always gets us into trouble when faced with a too good to be true? I guess we will find out!
-  Annie


  • Lisa Bordeaux

    I met my husband in a bar, he was cute, very kind and 3 years younger than me. He was still a Virgin and let’s just saw I hard already test drove a bunch of different models. These were my red flags but we exchanged numbers, talked on the phone all week and then our 1st date. He showed up with flowers and did all the gentleman duties and at dinner he grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and said “ I want to date you, marry you and have babies with you. That was actually 25 years ago to this day. We have to boys in college, 3 dogs & 3 cats and happy as can be

  • Joan Caverly

    Life is all about taking chances. If you give up then you have no chance at all. Hurting sucks but its a part of life. Not alwaya hurt but take wach one as a lesson. Live life to the fullest baby girl! Always give love a chance!!

  • Brandy McKown

    I too have walls. My marriage of 15 years was over after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Disease. My heart was broken my confidence shattered. Made a very bold move from California to Texas to be close to my best friend. She introduced me to her husband’s childhood best friend and within months I knew this was it. Mind you I have been married 2 times before. This man researched all about my disease before our first date probably knows more about it then I do. He loves me no matter what he stands by me on days I can’t get out of bed , he is always looking for new ways to help me. It may not be love at first sight but souls connect. This man is so not my type but he is perfect for me

  • Michelle Rezulak

    I’m jaded like you are but if you feel the way you do, proceed the way you are slowly and who knows maybe he is the one.

  • Kerri Minton

    ABSOLUTELY! I knew I was going to marry my hubby the night I met him! Still together 21 years later!!! 💯😍❤

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