10 Ways To Get Ready For Summer 2020

Since summer is right around the corner... I thought what better way to get prepared for hot weather and long days outside than to cumulate a list of ways to get ready for summer! This list includes all things beauty, health, fitness and just simple things to make your summer the best one yet!

1. Make A Summer Bucket List 

Sometimes the best thing to do is create a bucket list of things you want to accomplish before the summer is over. It's a super fun and exciting way to get things done and can even create one from the family. Whether it's traveling, cleaning up, creating a new hobby or going on a hike with the family, this is a great way to get fun things done!

2. Create New Goals For Yourself

I feel like the summer is a mid-year reset! If you are wanting to pick up new hobbies, or are wanting to reach a certain fitness or health goal then writing these down will help you reach your goals. Always believe you CAN do it!

3. Stock Up On Sunscreen

Sunscreen is such an essential part of summer! You always need to make sure to put on some sort of SPF when doing any skincare routine. When you are shopping for a new day time moisturizer, make sure you buy one that has SPF to help protect your skin from getting damaged!

4. Detox And Eat Healthy

Along with this mid-year reset comes detoxing and a healthier lifestyle. It is difficult to fully detox and start eating healthy right away, so easing into things like this is super helpful and can help you in the long run. Some easy tips to detox would be to make sure to get more sleep, exercise, reduce your intake of sugar or just find some detox juices or smoothies! Some people say the best way to detox is to limit alcohol but... that's not an option for me. SO I will stick with the other options! Eating healthy is hard, believe me, if I could enjoy my take out dinner and wine every night I would and honestly I still might have a "cheat day" every so often, but making sure your body gets the right nutrients and the right amount of protein is super important! 

5. Hydrate

Along with eating healthy comes hydrating! Drinking enough water everyday is suuuuper important. A soda here and there isn't bad but just make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your energy up throughout the day!

6. Find Some Books To Read

Finding a list of summer books that I want to read is literally one of my favorite parts of summer. Tanning by the pool or beach and reading a mystery book is one of my favorite things! Doesn't that sound perfect right now? There is sooo many genres to choose from like drama, horror, self-help, biographies and so much more!

7. Get Your Hair Healthy.

Summer time is when your hair is exposed to so much sun, chlorine and sea salt which all can damage your hair in so many ways! Make a habit of deep conditioning your hair once a week, whether with a handful of coconut oil or a mask.

8. Exercise!

Even though we all don't want to... It really is what we should do! A 1 mile walk with your friends around the neighborhood would be such a fun way to catch up with them and ALSO get some exercise. It's important to keep your body moving and do some sort of exercise during the day!

9. Summer Cleaning

The amount of times I have NOT done this is bad... This year I will go through my clothes and clean out what i never wear. I swear some of my clothes still have tags on them, how bad is that? LOL but seriously I will be cleaning out all of my clothes I haven't touched in like 6 months. After cleaning out your closet think about giving them to a local salvation army or goodwill! To make more room maybe put the winter clothes away in the attic and store until fall comes back around!

10. Take a little more time to care for yourself

 Lastly, this is so important ladies!! Take time to care for yourself whether it's 45 minutes in the bath with a glass of time or laying in bed watching Netflix with a face mask on, you need that time! Time of rest and relaxation is important especially during these busy summer days 




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