Top 5 Essential Mothers Day Gifts for the 2020 Mom

Mothers Day is right around the corner! May 10th to be exact. And of course we know your mama isn’t just a regular mom… she’s a cool mom! Therefore, she must be gifted some awesome swag for her special day. Here are the top 5 items from our Piper Lou Collection that will send mom over the moon! (Well not really because we in quarantine, but you get what I mean.) 

1. Mama's Juice (No Touchy)

Mama needs her juice! Whether she’s sipping on hot coffee, or some fruity vino, it doesn’t really matter what’s in the mug. All that matters is mom’s happy. With this awesome tumbler that says, “Mama’s Juice (No Touchy)” her beverage will be the exact temperature she needs to get through the day without pulling her hair out. 30 oz, 20 oz, you choose! But I know that I’m always happier when there is LOTS of beverage in my tumbler. Alcohol or caffeine. Preferably alcohol. 

2. Chaos Coordinator


Quarantine hair or just plain “Mom’s too busy! When was the last time I showered hair?” It doesn’t matter, because she’s stunning anyways! But, let’s gift her an adorable trucker hat for when she leaves the house and hasn’t had time to run a comb through it cause, we’ve all been there let’s be real. Chaos Coordinator is the perfect way to look cute and not hide your badass mom-ness. Rock the chaos ladies! 


3. Dog Tag

Let’s not forget about our rockin fur moms! I personally have not given birth to an adorable fetus yet but I do have two cute ass fur babies! This dog tag is the perfect mothers day gift for all those fur moms out there because let’s face it, we would absolutely be ugly crying if anything happened to our four legged bundles of joy! Keep your doggies safe and hip with this adorable custom tag. 

4. I'm Essential Tee

I don’t care what anyone says, quarantine or no quarantine, moms are essential! What better way to show her how amazing she is then by proudly gifting her this shirt? She can rock the t-shirt on a rainy day or switch it up with a tank top for her morning workout. You know full well she will rock this tee watching Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights. It’s a given. She’s essential and so is this gift. 

5. Mother's Day 2020

And lastly, never let your momma forget about Mothers Day 2020. The one where she was worried about running out of toilet paper and food, and couldn’t escape the madness for two seconds. Yeah the quarantine one. Maybe pair this gift with a bottle of vodka? I promise you do that, you’ll be the favorite child in no time. 


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