Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Her

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be one of THE MOST frustrating tasks ever (literally the worst)… It’s 2020 so let’s leave the picture frames, the okay-ish candles, and the shitty gift cards behind. It’s time to let Piper Lou make you into the best gift giver EVER! 


To help your frantic, last minute shopping for their birthday a little bit easier, here’s a list of our top birthday gifts to give her this year. (Maybe a bottle of wine too?) 

#5 - Aged to Perfection Stemless Wine Cup

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Coming in at number 5… This wine cup is one of the best gifts to give someone. The one friend that still looks 21 OR maybe they still act like it LOL! We all have that one friend. No matter the age, this is a gift any woman would love.

#4 - Drink Up Bitches Its My Birthday Shirt

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Believe me.. You cannot go wrong with this gift, especially if you plan to go out to the bar or club (maybe someone will notice and offer a free the whole crew LOL) The design of the shirt is SUPER cute but the quality and comfort is what makes this shirt even better.


#3 - It's My Birthday Bitches Laser Etched Tumbler


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I think this gift is one of my favorites, this tumbler is LITERALLY the perfect gift! This tumbler has the cutest design and the sassiest saying. I’m sure one (if not all) of your bitches would love to have this tumbler!


#2 - The Birthday Girl Shirt

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2nd to last on the list is this amaaazing shirt. This shirt is perfect to wear for any birthday occasion whether you’re having a party, going to the bar, or even a hangover shirt to wear in bed all the next day LOL (we’ve all been there). Comfy and cute is the way to go for presents ladies!


#2 - Custom Birthday Crew Laser Etched Tumbler

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Last but not least.. UGH this tumbler is to DIE for! A perfect gift for not only the birthday girl but for everyone else to enjoy as well. Perfect for wine, vodka, or i guess water to hydrate too🤣Either way this customizable birthday tumbler is a gift that she will not forget! 


Let's hope one of these items on our top 5 birthday caught your attention but if they didn't.... there is much more birthday items to check out! 


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