Want Me To Kill Them?

How would you describe your friendship style? Do you keep a small, close circle of friends? Or do you know pretty much everyone in town but you keep them all at a distance?

Once upon a time, I definitely knew everyone but didn’t let too many people in. Now, my friends are my family and I will do anything to protect them, I mean that pic above has been saved on my phone for years and I send it often!
When my boy came home from college, my girlfriend raced up to him and gave him a huge hug because he is her boy as well as mine. When my girlfriend’s daughter is spending the night at my house with my girl, both girls will crawl into my bed so we can gossip and watch movies because her girl is mine too. And if anyone in my tribe is hurting for any reason, I feel that pain with them and will do anything to take away any ounce of that heartache. 
One of my dearest friends has been going through such a hard time, in so many aspects of her life and it is so hard to be sitting on the sidelines of her struggles and unable to fix any of it for her. Her heart was broken 4 months ago when the guy she was dating, ghosted her. And y’all, they did not just date a couple of times, they were together for a year. They were committed. They were talking about future plans, moving cities. They said, “I love you” to each other. They talked to each other all day, every day. They were a rock-solid couple, until on an hour-long flight to Atlanta, he just changed his mind. Seriously, check out this ridiculousness. He called her from his seat on the plane, they did their usual flirt, chat and love you’s and they hung up. He called her again as soon as he arrived in Atlanta and said it was over. UM. . .that is an hour and 10 minute flight. What in the actual fuck happened on that flight? I can’t even decide where I want to go to dinner in an hour, but you can decide the future of your relationship in that time? No reason, no discussion, just done, she was heartbroken and confused. 
As for me? Being her friend, I was confused and hotter than a bee up a bear’s ass pissed!
Her heart was shattered a couple months later when her beautiful son was in a horrible car accident. How much can one person endure? All I wanted was to scoop her up and make everything in her life better but all I could do was sit by her side, helpless except for my hugs and my support and my friendship, which seemed so insignificant. 
Now, you may be wondering why this post now? Why this topic? Her challenges happened months ago and I know y’all were waiting on some more chapters of my steamy Hammer Time novella. But my dear friend got an email from the douche that ghosted her. 4 months later, he reappears with an email!
He sent her – 
Sorry. I was in a different place than you, I didn’t want a serious relationship and you did. I thought we were just friends (cough, bullshit). Right after we broke up, I met someone and I am in a serious relationship with her, in fact we live together.
Um. . . are you fucking kidding me? 
For starters, you never thought your relationship was just friendship. DOUCHEBAG!
Secondly, you didn’t want a serious relationship but 4 months later, you’re living with someone? LIAR!
And how stupid do you think we are? 
You clearly already knew this other girl, you didn’t meet her ‘right after’ the breakup. 
Phew. . I actually feel a little better now that I got that out! But honest to freakin God, don’t be that guy, just to deliberately hurt my friend, just one more time! She didn’t need to know about your current relationship status. Ugh. That was purely selfish!
Our friendships define who we are and what we can accomplish. I can’t think of anything more powerful in my life than the relationships I have with some amazing women and I am so lucky to have them. But at the same time, if you hurt one of my friends, don’t expect me to be nice to you, don’t expect me to be polite if I run into you in public and certainly. . .keep an eye out over your shoulder!
Am I right or AM I RIGHT?!?!?!?   

- Annie

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