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Do you know what keeps life interesting? Games! Just hold on and don’t roll your eyes at me. . . I get it, some games are stupid, like relationship mind games. But y’all know I love to play a good game. . .anything to change things up a bit, so I’ve decided that’s what we are doing today! It’s a little something called Would You Rather?

The rules are quite simple. . . I’ll give you two options and you let me know which of the two unappealing options you would prefer. Ready? We will start easy. .

Would you rather accidentally send nudes to your ex or to your parents? I just cracked myself up with this one. Personally, I would rather send to an ex. We all know that the best thing that can ever happen is to run into your ex when you are looking fabulous. If you accidently send really good nudes, where you look amazing, then let him eat his heart out for a hot minute. Oh, but wait, what if he does something savage with them, like send to all your friends or post on the internet? I know my parents would be mortified but at least they would keep them private, right? Ok, I am officially changing my answer to parents! Sorry, mom!

Would you rather have really stinky farts every time you are around people or have really stinky breath whenever you want to kiss someone? 


I just realized that we are basically playing the blog version of Fear Factor, that show always had a scary challenge followed by a gross challenge. I mean. . .how do you possibly choose on this one? Let me overanalyze for a sec, are we allowed to have conditions on our answers? Could I choose the farting option but only if I can have a dog with me all the times so I can blame it on him! Kind of like a fart service dog? If so, then I guess I’m going with farts and support dog. If you could only save one, would you rather save your significant other or your child? I read an article a few years ago that posed this question, my answer was immediately ‘save the child.’ But, after reading the article, I raced down to the comments as quickly as I could to see what everyone else thought and I was shocked to see that it was literally split down the middle. Some reasoned that the couple could make another child but they could never make another of their significant other.  While others agreed with me, that you should save the child because, well. . .it’s a child. I guess I have never loved anyone more than I love my children because I would save them over any other person on earth! Does it make a difference if the child is unborn and you haven’t met in person yet? I don’t know but for me, this one wasn’t a tough question to answer.

Since that ‘would you rather’ was DEEP, let’s lighten it back up with one more. I am picking a romantical one since I have decided that in 2021 I am finally going to settle down. Not settle for anyone but I think I am finally going to meet “the one”. I don’t know who he is yet but I have the whole year to figure that out and convince him! In that spirit, we will finish our game with this last romantical one!

Would you rather plan a getaway surprise for your SO or have your SO surprise you with a getaway?


I think y’all know that I love surprises so I would absolutely love the sweet gesture of someone planning to sweep me off my feet and sweep me out of town with a getaway. Honestly, I am so tired of being the one who is responsible for making all the decisions for me and my kids, all by myself. At this point, I think we all know that when my kids are all kinds of busted and in therapy when they are older, it will totally be all my fault! I welcome with wide open arms If anyone wants to come into my life and plan anything. . .god bless them! Ok, I’ve shared my answers. . . now it’s your turn! 

- Annie 



  • Kimberly Harrell

    1) Parents— 😂 bc they at least wont share
    2) Farts- blame on the dog or food
    3) My child — love my hubby but ..
    4) Can’t give up control- Id rather plan 😂

  • Nikki Crady

    Parents cause well I don’t trust men. Facts, because even though I don’t get to I love kissing and theres no excuse for bad breath, eat a mint. Kids even if they are mine cause well, they’re kids. I’d probably rather plan the getaway because again, I don’t trust men and don’t want to be somewhere lame.

  • Brooke

    Farts but definitely with a dog. Side note, my big girl Maggie got excited last night while I was bent over & farted right in my mouth. 🤢🤢🤮
    If I had a child, I would choose the child.
    Lastly, I would love for him to plan & surprise. 22 years together & I plan mostly everything. It would be a surprise to get surprised by him ❤️

  • Juli Webster

    Haha have sent some pics to one of the soccer moms that was meant for hubs. Farts cause stink breath you cant play off and for our 15th anniversary I told my hubs I wanted him to plan our vacay and he Fucking Nailed it!!!!!!

  • Dorian Bird

    Have nudes go to ex
    Stinky farts was
    Be surprised

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