Fans of the Week! - August 10th

Meet this weeks incredible and amazing Fans of the Week!


Jamie Gregory

Jamie is a Piper Lou Who through and through. She brings us hilarious laughs every week with her amazing personality. How could we not pick her?!

1. I live in Buffalo Ny

2. I placed my first order with Piper Lou in November 2018. I ordered 2 kids cups. Since then I have been a casual shopper until this December 2019, that’s when my addiction really picked up.

3. My favorite part about being a Piper Lou Who is the community that exists within the group. I’ve never met such fun, sarcastic, dirty-minded, alcoholic, loving and supportive people.

4. My favorite tumbler quote is “well, shit.” It just fits so many situations and is basically perfect in every way.

5. My favorite drink to put in my tumbler is Crown Peach and Tea. Sooooo good!

6. Favorite appetizer, clearly mozzarella sticks is the only acceptable answer for this question.

7. Shout outs are going to Annie and Meghan: You ladies work so hard to create a fun interactive group. Your efforts and shenanigans are very much appreciated and loved. Erin: for taking care of mix ups and behind the scenes things to keep everything running smoothly Piper Lou Crew for having an amazing sense of humor and making all of our crazy design requests come true. I’d also like to shout out to my Piper Lou Who gals, Brandy Espley, Cheryl Marie, Denise Boas Thompson, Elizabeth LaRocca, Renee Caron Yarbrough, Kristi Sharp. We may have all been strangers in March, but because of Piper Lou we have all formed an incredible support system. I’ve been blessed to have met you all. My Buffalo Piper Lou Who’s Chapter Girls!! (Crystal Szatkowski, Sarah Lockhart, Karen Gibson Colquhoun, Tina Marie, Mary Ann Bo, Bianca Buscetta, Shantelle Songster, Kimberly Ann, Tammy Kathleen, Alyssa Gallagher, Jen Kapsiak, Della Harris, Lauren Van Wie, Brittany McCollum, Jessica Winkelman, Jillyan Robertson, Krista Ettinger, Sheila Bucholtz, Tammy Bayes, Katie Mills) For putting up with my crazy antics and also for suggesting new ways to get in trouble. Love you all!! And my last shout out is to Hottie McHotPants (Derek McWilliams)… just for being you <wink>


Christina Welsch

Christina is just our spirit animal its plain and simple. She takes care of her tumblers by making sure they have their own personal pool float. If that isn't Fan of the Week material I don't know what is!  

1. Where are you from? - SC

2. How long have you been a PLW? - January 2020

3. Favorite part of being a PLW? - The camaraderie and laughs

4. Funny story - My friends were all hanging out and having fun last summer and I really had to let one rip. I didn’t want to do it and have everyone hear me, so I told my friend Tiffany, another PLW, and she shouted at her husband to start the truck. He has a diesel and it’s loud! Needless to say, it’s been a joke ever since.

5. How would your friends describe you? - Loyal and funny

6. Favorite tumbler? - Ew, David. I’m a huge Schitt’s Creek fan and say that all the time.

7. Dream vacation? - Europe. Specifically Germany.

8. Favorite drink to drink from your tumbler? - Sangria or lemonade.

9. Favorite appetizer - Chips and salsa or guacamole

10. I’d like to thank my girl Tiffany for supporting my obscene purchases and my boyfriend for allowing me to take over his kitchen.

Elizabeth Brock

Elizabeth wins all the creativity points. I mean, not further explanation necessary. 

1) Where are you from? Arkansas
2) How long have you been a PLW? Less than a month
3) Best part of being a PLW? All the amazing women with real life issues and give it like it is. They do not censure it, you get the actual truth.
4) A funny story about you? I used to host a lot of parties and my roommate would be so upset that there was no ice. So after every party I would wake up insanely early to fill the ice trays so she wouldn’t get pissed at me. I would yell at people to fill them as well...One day I told her I was so sorry because I forgot to fill the ice trays. She said...Why are you filling ice trays? I told her because she always complains about not having ice. She told me...ummm that is why we have an ice maker! I said what?!?? I got up and went into the kitchen...kid you not...I had no idea that our freezer had an Ice Maker.
5) How would your friends describe you? Funny, dependable, uplifting, caring, I get shit done!
6) Favorite Tumbler? MuggleFucker
7) Dream vacation? Ireland
8). Favorite drink to drink in your tumbler? hmmm depends on my mood...If I am on the water...Watermelon Pucker and Mountain Dew. If I want to get drunk quickly with no kick bag...Vodka baby!
9) Favorite appetizer? bruschetta!
10) Anyone you would like to thank? Selina Danis: She introduced me to you crazy ladies

Michelle Mary

Not only is this crew super cute with their tumblers and masks they are totally having a good time while being safe! Love that. 


    Kat Wint

    This girl is living her best and most gorgeous life. This photo is true Piper Lou Who beauty caught up in the moment! 

    1. Where do you live? California  
    2. Favorite part of being a piper Lou who is all of the wonderful and amazing people  I get to interact with on the page
    3. Dream vacation is Paris
    4. Friends would describe me as calm no matter the storm  

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