Fans of the Week! - November 2

Meet your fans of the week for the week of November 2nd! 

1. Michele Malek

I live in Illinois the Chicago land area. Favorite part of Piper Lou, is the Vip group, it's great support and the posts are hilarious. Of course Annie's Friday lives are so funny. Favorite tumbler is IDK,IDC,IDGAF.. Friends would say I'm fun love concerts.. been told I dont act my age whatever that means. Lol Drink in my tumbler is usually some type of whisky. Pecan.. Jack..Favorite appetizer is my moms taco dip. I could eat the whole thing. Annie, was so sweet when she announced me as being a fan of the week.

2. Amy Kullmann Gruber

I live in NY and was raised in Rome. Home of Woodstock 99. I’ve been a Lou Who since Jan 2020 when I was scrolling FB and there was a shirt to support the wild fires in Austrailia and that got me hooked. I now have many shirts and tumblers. My favorite part of being a Who is everyone is so nice and encouraging and have the same sick sense of humor. I love my Don’t Be A Twatopotamus and Blow Me tumblers. My favorite place to visit is Sanibel Island and I get there once or twice a year. i will be there next week and can’t wait, but I would love to go to Scotland some day. Thats where my people are from.
I dont know if some would think this is funny but I pretended to be deaf to sit in the deaf section at a Steve Miller concert so I could sit up front. But Then I really couldn’t fully enjoy the show cause I couldn’t sing along or dance. (Side note there was plenty of seating and I did not take a seat from an actual deaf person). I highly enjoy ice cold water in my tumbler. Boring I know. For an app give me nachos. Get in my belly. I would like to thank all the Who’s for all the nice comments on my post. You truly brighten my day. Sending lots of love!

3. Brandy Okahara-Hunsberger

#1 Florida
#2 about 8 mo
#3 meeting different people
#5 lovable & caring
#6 please take a # I will piss you off shortly
#7 Japan  
#8 water lol or wine
#9 fried pickles
#10 the best sister in law ever . @brittnay marrow Okahara

4. Jaden Bandouveres

1. What state do you reside?
New Hampshire

2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who
Since April 2020

3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who
Feeling like I’m apart of a huge family who gets my humor

4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story)
When I was in the hospital being induced , I had woken up to my water breaking so I was trying to wake up and tell my husband , and when he “woke up” he said what’s going on I said my water broke Alex, he goes “my water broke?”  then fell back asleep I called the nurse she came in took care of me and then he finally woke up after missing all that

5. How would your friends describe you?
Loyal & loud

6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time?
“ hate spelled backwards is ETAH, if you hate me then ETAH dick”
7. What’s your dream vacation?
Greece with my husband and daughter
8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler
Water for now since I’m nursing my daughter !
9. Favorite appetizer
Fried Mac n cheese balls

10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award?

Nicolé Haidaczuk for introducing me to piper lou, My husband alex for dealing with my obsession & our beautiful daughter Ezlyn

5. Nicole Highlands

1.PA 2. Only a few months but have had products prior 3. The group is amazing! Everyone is in such great spirit, are funny and not afraid to speak their mind! 6. You inspire my inner serial killer!! 8. Lately salted caramel crown and apple cider, but typically coffee! 9. Boneless Buffalo wings 10. A huge thanks to all PLWs and my little munchie who loves playing with my tumblers and who I get to plaster with Piper Lou onesies!

6. Andrea Gamel

Well, since Liliana won fan of the week, she will answer it. We live in Massachusetts Been a PLW since this year, but mom since 2017. Favorite part - “watching annie drink out of the pool!!! She’s so crazy, mama!!” Favorite tumbler quote: Stinkerbell Dream vacation: DISNEY WORLD!!! Favorite drink: water “I want to thank my mama for sending my pictures to Annie!! She’s funny! I love her!”

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  • Tammie Clark

    Congratulations Everyone.

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