Fans of the Week - September 14th

Meet this weeks incredible and amazing Fans of the Week for the week of September 14th! 

Rachel Baker Johnson

This had Annie and I cracking up. Oh the things you find on a walk.... LOL.

1. I live in GA 2. I am a relatively new Who 3. I SERIOUSLY found my ppl ! This group is hilarious, rauncy humor at times, & such a support system. 4. GOSH... drawing a blank 5. Zaney, whitey, all American gal, groupie, genuine, 6. Blow Me with dandelion (ANYTHING THAT GLITTERS) 7. Bora Bora 8.Coffee or Water 9.Who Dat' Shrimp 10. I would like to thank the PL academy first off... my friend Freya Knight Plower for stumbling across this hilarious find, Penny Rocks-Gerrard for introducing me to PL & PLVIP

Kim Kuhn Leavens 

Seriously made us tear up a little! What a sweet response! 



Glenda Clark

Glenda was on a roll this week with her creative posts but this one took the cake!

I live in Georgia. I’ve been a piper Lou who since March 2020. I love your and Annie’s lives. Y’all are hilarious. My friends say I’m funny and crazy. My favorite tumbler is apparently we are trouble when we’re together. My favorite drink in the sugar free monsters. I’m addicted to them. My favorite appetizer is cheese sticks and fried pickles.

Kristen Newton

Who doesn't get a good cackle out of a solid meme! This one was gold! 

1. New York 2. Since about April 2020 3. I love the people, everyone is so supportive of each other 4. So my husband, my mom, my daughter who is 9 and I were playing apples to apples and my husband picked up the card fuzzy and my daughter played the card balls, we all laughed hysterically and she did too but she had no idea why we were laughing and then she kept mentioning remember when we were playing and I played the word balls, haha, we all laughed so hard. 5. Loyal but a push over and too forgiving sometimes 6. There are so many it's hard to choose, anything involving wine or drinking, Harry potter, dog related 7. My dream vacation would be one of those all inclusive resorts maybe with a private place on the water 8. I'm usually putting wine in it, or water 9. My favorite appetizer is clams 10. I want to thank Annie, Meghan, and all my piper lou who's that react and comment on my posts and make me feel special!!

Amber Blackburn

When two friends meet and get together for a fun weekend at a Piper Lou meet up who had never met before but met in the VIP group and are now besties!? yeah I say that's some FOTW shit right there... 

 3. my favorite parts of Piper Lou are all the Piper Lou who’s, all the great friends I have made, and how we all have each other’s back with whatever it is.
4. Funny story...I got really drunk and fell through a picnic table, tried to ride a cow, got stuck in a fence, rolled my ankle, climbed a grain bin, stood out of a sunroof while going 102mph, and other crazy stuff....I never know what’s going to happen when I’m in a good mood and drink
5. How my friends would describe me would depend on which friend, honestly. But I would say: compassionate, empathetic, trustworthy, funny, crazy.....I don’t know
6. I love so many of the sayings...there’s so many to choose from, but one of my very first ones that I was like I have to have this was You can just supercalifuckalistickissmyassodocious (you may have to fix spelling on this lol
Question 10) I would absolutely LOVE to thank my great friend Meghan and Annie and everyone at Piper Lou

Shannon Eanes 

When two friends meet and get together for a fun weekend at a Piper Lou meet up who had never met before but met in the VIP group and are now besties!? yeah I say that's some FOTW shit right there... 

1. What state do you reside? Tennessee 2. How Long have you been a Piper Lou Who? Since March /April 2020 3. Favorite Part of being a Piper Lou Who: Videos Annie and Meghan put on and also the laughs day in and day out. 4. Funniest thing that has happened to you (or a funny story) How I met Annie McFarland, driving around the corner , honking horn and waving and then us running towards each other 5. How would your friends describe you? Spontaneous, out-going , loyal 6. Favorite tumbler quote of all time? Too many to pick from 7. What’s your dream vacation? Pipercation 8. Favorite drink to put in your tumbler Right now Lemonade and BlackBerry moonshine or Lemonade and Peach crown 9. Favorite appetizer Mozzarella sticks 10. Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank for your prestigious award? Of course Annie McFarland, Meghan Lamontagne , Amber Blackburn and Piper Lou for shooting commercial in Franklin ,TN



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