10 New Apparel Items This Week!

Here at Piper Lou we always have something new for you! We understand there is A LOT of goodies on our website, so to help you break it all down this week here are the Top 10 New Apparel Items you should totally add to your cart!

1. Savage Classy Boujee Ratchet

Stay golden with this gem! Who knew Blanch, Rose, Sophia, and Dorothy were the original Savage, Classy, Boujee, Ratchet!?

2. I'm Not A Chef But Boyardees Titties 

It's been a hot ass summer and in case you've missed it I'm sure your titties haven't! 

3. My Birthstone is A Coffee Bean

Summer has been great but I don't know about you, I'm very excited for winter and I'm starting to stock up on my winter apparel now! I'm coffee obsessed and like to be warm! This is totally the perfect comfy Fall/Winter style you were hoping for!

4. Talk Birdie To Me

If you golf, you need this. No questions asked! 

5. I Like To Cuss

Are you even making people laugh or getting your point across if f#*k and s*#@t aren't in your vocabulary? I think not! This hat is for you. 

6. Sorta Sweet Sorta Savage

It's good to be a healthy mix of both! 

7. I'm Not Slurring My Words

Did you now we have mens apparel too!? Because we low-key know your SO is jealous of your comfy cute apparel and tumblers. Now they can stop whining and have some Piper Lou of their own!

8. I'm A Simple Woman

Flip Flops, Wine and your Jeep. Is there anything else you really need in life? I think not!

9. Get Your Boots On 

Yeehaw! If this isn't some cowgirl sass I don't know what is! 

10. New Face Coverings!

Who wants to stick with their boring face mask when. you can have one from Piper Lou! The ones I have coming are "Relax Karen, it's allergies," "I'm Actually Smiling," and "Don't stand. Don't stand so. Don't stand so close to me." 

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