4th of July Must Have Items

Happy almost Birthday America! Are ya'll ready to freakin celebrate or what!? Quarantine is over, the sun is out, it's hot as f*ck, and we about to get our drank on for our motherland. 

Before you head to the stores to pick up your alcohol, burgers, and explosives... First, take a gander on our Piper Lou site to get all your outfit and drinking essentials for the big day!

1. Stayin' Fly on the 4th of July

Picture it. You're on the lake, in your friend’s boat, and you have this cute ass tank on over your red, white, and blue bathing suit! Girl, someone is going to need to cool you off because you are looking straight FIRE!

2. Freedom is my Second Favorite F- Word

Slay that American pride with this wine cup by your side! You are free AF in this country to be and drink whatever you damn well, please! 

3. Ben Drankin'

I needed this shirt in my closet like yesterday! And to be quite Frank-lin, I think you need it too! 

4. We The People Like To Party

Nothing says let's celebrate American and the first paragraph to our Constitution like this tumbler! We the people DO like to party! It's how we form a more perfect union and establish justice. 

5. Red White Blue and Wine Too

If we are going to celebrate our country and its colors we must also celebrate the fruit of her loins which in this case is fermented grapes...

6. I'll Bring the Freedom

Nothing says America quite like a trucker hat. When your hair is getting salty from the beach, or you can't quite contain the sweat, throw on this patriotic hat and you'll still be looking like a snack! 

7. United We Stand Drink Till We Fall

We stand together. We drink together. We fall together. We make memories together. We hangover together. We laugh together. We buy Piper Lou together. 

8. Red, White, and Booze

This 30 oz. tumbler is the epitome of American pride. Keep your alcohol cool and raise your glass to the US of A.    

9. Merica

It's simple, but every proud American should sport a Merica tank! 

10. Back to Back World War Champs

Our Freedom did not come easy so let's raise this glass to all those who fought and still fight for us every day! Cheers America, and happy freakin birthday you, sexy biatch! 

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