6 Ways to Manage Your Anxiety

Anyone else having massive anxiety in 2020?

Same! You're not alone. Because it's Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to make this video blog to show you the ways I've personally dealt with my own anxiety. Hopefully this helps!

1. Control Only What You Can Control

If you're anything like me, you are a control freak! And when we can't control something we get anxious and dwell on it. Unfortunately there is so much we can't control but we CAN control our thoughts and our responses. Focus on the things you CAN control and know everything else will work itself out. 

2. Create A Safe Space

I always feel better when I feel comfy and cozy. Get your furry or weighted blanket out, surround yourself with some beautiful flowers, and put your feet up. Always remember to take care of yourself. 

3. Limit the News

Having the news on in the background can create a lot of thoughts and worry. Though the news is a great way to stay informed, maybe only listen to it in the morning. If you need background noise, put on a podcast or listen to some stand up comedy. 

4. Get Outside!

Now that parks and trails are opening again, try to get outside and go for a little walk at least once a day. Nature does so much good for the soul and really brings the mind to a more relaxed state. 

5. Meditate

Meditation is a word I knew but never knew how to practice. What I've realized is meditation is the practice of thinking about NOTHING. What!? How?! Our minds are trained to think nonstop based on society but, it's healthy to stop the mind and think of nothing. Like when you stare into a fire or a candle. Thats meditation! Try it for a few minutes everyday. It works wonders! 

6. Treat Yo Self

Don't forget to pamper yourself and take time for you. Buy the tumblers, have the spa day, have the extra cookie. Do you boo! You deserve it! 

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