The Haunting - Annie McFarland

I had a whole different blog post brewing in my mind for today, it was going to be witty and fun and playful and about The Hammer. . . .and then I went to bed last night. 
Y’all. . .I was haunted by a ghost last night! I promise you, I am not making this up. It wasn’t so much the white shape, floating and saying booooooo. . . it was a vivid dream variety of haunting. It was one of those dreams that felt like I was actually there and I remember every detail, I remember all the feelings.This dream has been floating around my mind all day and I keep going back to, what could it mean? So. . .I have to ask your opinion. . .do you think the ghosts or spirits or souls of our lost loved ones come to us in dreams? Do you think they are with us as we go about our days? OR is it simply our expression of missing that person so you bring them back to you in your dreams? I know that I have told my kids that their dad is always with them. I’m not sure if that is just one of those things that I am supposed to say to provide them comfort or if I actually believe it. But, if I really take a moment to think about it, it feels kinda creepy. Who wants their dad watching over your shower or sneaking a beer from the fridge? For the 12 years that Cody has been gone, I have had conversations with him about our children. On our son’s graduation day, I looked up at the sky and quietly said, ‘you are missing all of this and you should be here’. On the days when my beautiful daughter is riding my last nerve, I look up and not so quietly shout, ‘why did you leave me here alone to deal with this’?!?!?! I think I do this as a comfort to myself in the moments that overwhelm me and I want to feel like I am not alone in raising the two children that we decided to have. But do I actually believe I am communicating with him? I don’t think I do. Here’s where I get stuck and this may seem like I am wandering off on to a completely different topic but just stay with me for a moment. Personally, I am not a believer in psychics. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it if you do but here’s my hangup. How do I know if what I am being told about my future is actually what my future holds or do I then create the future I was told by the psychic? For example, I have a girlfriend who is a huge believer in psychics. She goes to the same girl regularly for advice on her life. The psychic told her that she was going to marry a man whos name started with an H and he was going to be in the medical field. After my gf heard that, she refused to speak to anyone that did not match that criteria. She waited for years, believing that she was to marry Harry, the medical guy! Finally, she gave up and married a contractor named John. Clearly, her future was not as the psychic told but she spent years of her life trying to make it happen. So how do I know that what I’m being told is really my future and not what I will create after hearing it. Now, I promised I would roll back around to my haunting and here it is. How do I know if the haunting was actually Cody visiting me last night or was it just a dream? I feel like we can rewrite anything if we just believe it enough, hell I’m 40-something years old and I still believe in Santa! I wonder if I had a moment before bed where he came to my mind and I created a visit for some unnerving reason. I wish I wasn’t so jaded and that I actually believed that he popped in for a quick visit but at the end of the day, I think it was just a dream. What do you think?
- Annie


  • Victoria Howard

    I so wish my Mom would visit me, she sort of does, but she’s always just out of sight, but I feel her ( in dreams, same with Dad, or he’s there and I’m so angry with him!) My Mom DID Visit my HUSBAND, and told him to tell me she’s alright, knowing if she visited ME so soon, I’d absolutely lose it. (She died in 2012, and I still don’t think I could take it. But I miss her still so much!!) I feel they DO come to us in dreams.

  • Peaches

    When the spirit comes to us in our dream, it is the time when we are most receptive to hearing their message. Their soul is still trying to communicate/connect with us so we will listen. I lost my dad in 1994 and over the years I have had him visit me several times to talk to me this way. I also have spoken out loud or even just non verbally “talked” to him when something was bothering me. Its nothing to be afraid of and we should listen and be open to the message even though it may freak you out at first.

  • Breanne Cornejo

    I believe that our loved ones who passed do visit you in your dreams because it happened to me. My Uncle Bill passed away in 2013 and when he died my parents were supposed to go see Hall N’ Oates but because my Uncle died in Arkansas and my parents lived in New Jersey they had to give their tickets away and go help my Aunt plan my Uncle’s funeral. A couple of years ago as a Mother’s Day present I bought them tickets to see Hall N’ Oates since they never got to go to the concert. The night I bought the tickets my Uncle Bill came to me in a dream and thanked my for buying my mom the tickets because he said he knew how much she wanted to see them and he was sorry she missed the concert. It was crazy because I didn’t know until I gave my mom the tickets that they were supposed to go to the concert but couldn’t because of my Uncle’s death. I told my mom about the dream and she was happy hear he visited me because he was her favorite brother. My Uncle Bill was also my godfather. When I went to his funeral there was a butterfly that was infront of me on the ground that had died and I picked it up and knew it was him saying hi. Every time I see a butterfly I know it is him saying hi to me especially when it is flying around me.

  • Amy Schulz

    My husband passed 2 years ago and some days I swear I can feel him climbing into the bed with me. I look at our twin girls nd wonder who will walk them down the aisle when they get married, why did he have to leave me. I miss him everyday, but I swear on the days he seems so far away, I feel him when I go to bed. I can feel him grabbing my ass and saying I was just drawn to it, must be magnetic. My mother always said when you find a random penny, it is a penny from heaven, I think he likes to grab my ass from heaven. We all have to believe something, so why not believe he popped in for a visit.

  • Jackie Rickley

    I truly believe in loved ones that have passed visiting us. I have faced tough times and have seen my loved ones with me or felt their presence.

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